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  1. SPC for Short Runs (Control Limits) vs. Precontrol charts (Specification Limits)
  2. Interesting Web Sites, Boards & other resources on Stats
  3. Specifications on x & r charts - Print specifications apply to all individual parts?
  4. Statistical Hypothesis Testing to prove signficant quality improvement or decline
  5. Yates Algorithm as it applies to DOx or Regression
  6. Capability Studies - Combining parts from two lots
  7. p charts - My experience with P charting has not been good
  8. Capability, FMEA and PPAP - 4.9.2 - The meaning of "high degree of capability"
  9. Laboratory Statistical Methods
  10. Range - Concepts such as mean, median, mode and range
  11. Control Charts for Non-Normal Distribution
  12. Dimensional Characteristics Rating:Guidelines for specifying Special Characteristics?
  13. Using SPC charts for Verification of Job Setups
  14. Can/should SPC be used in administrative areas, purchasing, sales, planning...
  15. Calculating PPM - Standard practice to calculate PPM from parts returned?
  16. How does one calculate Cpm (Taguchi process capability)
  17. How to implement SPC in a CNC m/c shop processing small batches of 'one timer' jobs?
  18. Tips on Stat. Techniques in Bulk Material Process?Reduction of alumina to Aluminium
  19. Introductory Statistics - Websites that I hope you'll find useful
  20. DPM (Defect parts per million opportunity) vs. PPM
  21. Process Capability - Long-term vs. Short-term
  22. Control chart application for post heat treat processes
  23. Testing for Process Confidence - Sample Size
  24. Not enough discrimination? 4-digit Micrometer for .0015 Tol :burr ht of slit coils
  25. Any recommendation on DOE/Statistical Analysis Software?
  26. Precontrol and Process Capability - CNC Lathes that run small batches - Short Runs
  27. How to Calculate Average CV (Coefficient of variation)?
  28. Conflicting dimensions - Cable and wire industry and application of SPC
  29. Process control - Finished product vs. Tooling
  30. SPC for productivity - Monitor the productivity level?
  31. Confidence intervals - Provide a point estimator?
  32. How many SPC charts for Bolt Torque? 4 identical Nut/Bolts in the same part
  33. Cmk calculation - Small plastic parts using injection-moulding machine
  34. SPC from Each Cavity? Small Plastic Parts using Injection Molding Machine
  35. Hypothesis Testing
  36. Tool Wear Control Charts to Help Control Machine Tool Offsets
  37. Linearity - Minimum and maximum value for acceptance of the equipment?
  38. Question on how to analyze Customer Survey Results
  39. Looking for Printed Control Chart blanks
  40. Capability Study - Feasible? Capability Study when there is No Set Target Value
  41. Capability studies with less than 125 individual samples.
  42. Capability Studies - 5 different dimensions - How many parts?
  43. What is Cgk? (Index of Testing Means Capability)
  44. Statistical methods in ISO 9001:2000
  45. Can anyone enlighten me as to what exactly Cm / Cmk are?
  46. Control Charts and sample size for automatic measurement
  47. Multi-Cavity Capability Studies
  48. Implementation of SPC - Gears - Hobbing, shaving, grinding is 5 to 50 microns
  49. SPC (minimizing defects) Vs Poka Yoke (zeroing out defects)
  50. Unilateral tolerance capability assessments
  51. Deming vs. Statistical Hypothesis Testing
  52. Run Charts - Plots of process characteristics against time or sequence
  53. Statistically Valid Sample Sizes For SPC
  54. Reactions to out of control X bar and R charts?
  55. What are the accepted standard rules for SPC analysis ?(7 points rising, WECO, etc.)
  56. Reducing the Number of SPC Charts used: We have many highly capable processes
  57. Trying to set up a serious PPM system - Parts per Million
  58. Fabric Dying - Sample Technique - Sample size to check evenness of dyeing shade?
  59. Debalancing machine - is SPC needed?
  60. Where can I find Process & Machine Capability study software?
  61. Unilateral Tolerance Capability - Shaft Runout - Which capability index to use?
  62. SPC in Injection Moulding and Metal Pressing/Stamping
  63. Capability Studies - Do I need to use subgroups?
  64. How are the d2 values for subgroup sizes derived?
  65. VisualSPC: Anyone else using this software? Resistance from experienced operators
  66. Converting DPMO to SIGMA - Seeking Forumula
  67. Book reviews for SPC & SIGMA.
  68. Cmk - What is the difference between an R&R study and Cmk?
  69. What is the cut off value of coeffcient of variation ( %)
  70. Beyond CQE: Any suggestions to improve my knowledge further?
  71. Process Capability with GD&T bonus tolerance
  72. Determining Machine Capability and Process Capability of a Shaft
  73. ISO 9000:2000: Question about Statistical Techniques
  74. How to Determine a Machine Capability? Shaft Fit Tolerance Measurement Results
  75. Machine Capability Studies: How many parts needed?
  76. Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire: What Sample Size Do I Need for the Survey?
  77. Calculating DPMO for Exponential Distributions
  78. MTTR - Quick and dirty way to calculate Mean Time To Repair - Solenoid valves
  79. Unbiased Estimators for Sigma? Is 's' an alternative to RBar/d2?
  80. Industry DPMO Standards - Contract Electronics Manufacturing processes
  81. Valid study for CO samples both Analyzer and Drager Tube results?
  82. Poisson & Bi-Nomial Distributions: What's the difference? When to use?
  83. Control Plans - Is it acceptable to put n/a's on a Control Plan where data is taken?
  84. Non-normal Distributions in SPC - How do I Normalize Data?
  85. Failure Reporting
  86. Stastistical Techniques in Chemical Industry
  87. Template for Capability Study
  88. Johnson's Transformation Distribution Model
  89. Out of Control patterns for non-normal distributions
  90. Assessments of Normal Distribution - Formulae for CHI squared, Kurtosis and Skew
  91. Control limit - How is table for x-bar & R control chart derived?
  92. What frequency and sample size is 'normal' for SPC?
  93. Target Magazine - A publication of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence
  94. Seeking: Information on ISO 11462-1:2001
  95. Cpm versus sample size
  96. Help with Coefficient of Variation
  97. Short Run SPC with Tool Wear
  98. Western Electric Statistical Quality Control Handbook
  99. Table of Constants for Control Charts
  100. How to deal with nonrandom samples?
  101. Real World Usage Profile
  102. Statistical Analysis applications in Human Resources
  103. Normality Assumption - Most Tests 'Assume' a Normal Distribution - t test statistic
  104. Changing specification limitation limits - What effect on Process Capability
  105. Statistically Determining how many Tests to conduct.
  106. How to calculate a True Position toleranced at MMC - Capability of True Position
  107. Control Limits - Can't be smaller than 3 times your measurement increment?
  108. Sample Size and Frequency - In-process monitoring in a mass production shop
  109. Initial Process Studies - Number of samples - 100 for Individuals Chart?
  110. Data Management - Quantity of digitally captured data
  111. Non-normal Distributions in Statistical Process Control
  112. Capability Study - Making wine bottle corks - Length
  113. SPC Program Demo
  114. Help With A Statistical Problem
  115. Probability of Defects - A Problem
  116. DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunities) Calculation
  117. Sample Sizes and A2, A3, B4, d2 Factor Parameters
  118. How to assess Process Capability for parallelism
  119. Herramientas estad?sticas
  120. Black Belt Training - My current BB journey
  121. Multidimensional Scaling
  122. Statistical Process Control - ISO 11462-2:2001 Key elements of an SPC System
  123. What type of control chart...
  124. Empezando con SPC
  125. Statistical Tools outside of SPC
  126. empezando con SPC
  127. PPM - Determining Parts Per Million to measure our incoming goods rejections
  128. Should I use Xbar-R chart?
  129. Comparison of two test equipments
  130. BSR/ISO/ASQ S11462-1-2001
  131. Has anyone implemented SPC in the Laboratory Testing/Service Industry
  132. How to Calculate Z Score Values
  133. SPC Control Limits Review Frequency
  134. PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Assembly - Wave Solder Capability
  135. SPC training games - Basic training for manufacturing shop-floor guys and engineers
  136. Statistical Tolerancing - Monte Carlo simulation in Statistical Tolerancing
  137. Capability - Process vs Product - Look at process characteristics to improve product?
  138. Attribute Control Chart Question - I plan to use to np chart
  139. Cgk - The Kolmogoroff (Kolmogorov-Smirnov) Method
  140. Fast Runs - Four lots, one day each, every month - What chart to use?
  141. Geometric Tolerancing and SPC - Calculating position upper and lower control limits
  142. Creating Internal customers within the manufacturing process
  143. Short run SPC Seminars?
  144. Flow Solder Control Chart - I believe I need an Xm-R chart
  145. Opening Design Limits to Accomodate Process Capability
  146. How can I do the Red Bead Experiment? Hotel Industry
  147. ISO 11462-1 Guidelines for implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  148. Metrics to monitor process improvement
  149. Seeking Help: Design of Experiments - DOE
  150. Statistical Measures of Complaints
  151. Master Black Belt vs MS Applied Statistics
  152. What are the Odds of That - About coincidence
  153. Moving Range charts and capability?
  154. How can I determine the kind of distribution - What about Bionimal or Poisson?
  155. Non-Normal Data - Transforming the Data to Normal
  156. Statistics to define the capability of operator controlled manual machines
  157. What are Process Capability and Process Stability?
  158. Seeking: Links or materials about Shainan techniques
  159. Case studies where Monte Carlo Simulation applied to Maintenance, uptime prediction
  160. SPC tools for wall thickness and weight - Suggestions?
  161. Electronically Challenged
  162. Precision of tolerance - Test validation
  163. Unilateral / Bilateral Tolerances for dimensions with Double Plus or Minus Tolerance
  164. Seeking: Control Charts - Xbar R control chart
  165. Understanding PPM accuracy on a Laser Tracker
  166. Understanding Calibration Results on CMM Reports
  167. SPC for Improvement? (was PreControl) SPC is great for stability!
  168. Which SPC Chart should I use? XbarR, Range, XmR, p, np, c, u, Zero Mean?
  169. Complaints Response Times
  170. Short Run Capability - Batch quantity is 15,000 to 20,000
  171. What is Statistical Tolerancing? How to apply it to a product?
  172. Minimum number of Subgroups to assess Process Capability
  173. Does the data in a control chart have to be normally distributed?
  174. Control Chart Rules - Trend and Statistics Explainations
  175. Normal Distribution - How do I test for normality? All the data or just the averages?
  176. Statistical technique sought for predicting replacement of perishable tooling
  177. Capability - How to calculate Capability Indices for Non-normal Distributions
  178. When is a process considered to be capable?
  179. Demonstrating Capability in 'Goalpost' World
  180. Surveys: Number of Responses
  181. Internal Calibration Laboratory Requirements - Ambient temperature, Humidity, Etc.
  182. Button Test - Tactility Criteria
  183. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) - Seeking help
  184. ISO 16269-7 Statistical interpretation of data
  185. How can I start explaining and training SPC in my company?
  186. Skip-Lot Testing and the FDA - Reduced Testing Plan for Raw Materials
  187. Empirical Study on Canadian Companies
  188. Sample Size Calculation for PPM (Parts Per Million) Prediction
  189. SPC Help - Probability of SL=CL
  190. Looking for Quality Games - Manufacturing environment
  191. Standard or a Good Rule of Thumb for Finding Part Weight
  192. Calculating Process Average Targets for LSL (Lower Specification Limit) Only
  193. Statistics for Dummies - Book, class, or tutorial to help me understand
  194. Control charts to trend data for multiple dependent variables? Hotelling's T^2 stat
  195. Modified Control Limits - Process that has points out of control
  196. Pre-control Software
  197. Machine Capability Studies on CNC Lathes
  198. 76/211/EEC Criteria for Non-Destructive Testing
  199. Calculating Manufacturing efficiencies
  200. Failure Mode SPC
  201. How To Use A Control Chart
  202. Acceptable Outgoing Quality Level (AOQL) aka Acceptable Outgoing Quality (AOQ)
  203. Grubbs test to determine one outlier to normalize data
  204. Using SPC for DOE - Just Curious
  205. Simple Probability Statistics - Assembly Failure - Binomial Equations
  206. AIAG Statistical Process Control (SPC) Manual - Page 81
  207. SPC on Multiple Cavities - Customer wants SPC done on each notch - Cylindrical part
  208. Multivariable Control Chart - Target, Short Run, Group charts, T2, etc.
  209. Calculating PPM for Customers - Is this fudging PPM #'s?
  210. Pre-Control Chart - Limits are set at 2/3 of the specification
  211. T tests - To test for central measure (means) - Steel supplier
  212. Where to find a good "STATISTICAL" and/or a good "GD&T" font for windows?
  213. Multi-vari analysis - Core diameter oversize
  214. Portable SPC Data Collectors and Industrial 'Hardened' Computers
  215. Great NIST Stats Reference
  216. Seeking: Origin and History of PPM (Parts Per million)
  217. How to count the UCL for MEWMA (Multivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average)
  218. Capability Calculations: Non-Normal Distributions and One Sided Distributions
  219. Position Deviation: Is it a Dependent or Independent Variable?
  220. Table for converting Cp values into corresponding Capability %
  221. DOE (Design of Experiments) Help: Montgomery's Industrial Engineering book
  222. How to make use of data captured in an ATE tester
  223. Defining Pre-Control Zones - Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  224. Standard Deviation - Process Output is Stable and Normally Distributed
  225. Measuring Daily Cycle Counting Inventory Accuracy
  226. Confidence Interval Question - The calculations ASSUME you know the true population
  227. How many attribute samples from a lot with zero defects?
  228. Validation question - When our maintaince department adjusts a station or machine
  229. Control Method - Diamond Drill Machining Operation
  230. Need statistical Jpeg and bitmap graphics
  231. Using DMAIC to reduce equipment downtime
  232. CPAS - RCCA - 8-D Report Requirements
  233. WinSPC - Operators not noting any reactions to Out of Specification conditions
  234. Is there any way to prove a process is in control other than with a control chart?
  235. Does anyone use Median Charts instead of Xbar & R charts?
  236. SPC charts with Fixed Control Limits? Seam width and stitches per inch
  237. SPC control for one-sided specification
  238. Safety Characteristics & capability studies
  239. Control of a process that runs in multiple locations
  240. Key Performance Index (KPI) in a restaurant!
  241. Weibull vs. Gaussian on something that is not a durability or life cycle test
  242. Documenting Reaction to Out Of Control Situations
  243. When or how often should we update SPC (UCL and LCL) Control Limits? Every month?
  244. SPC Software Validation Required by our Registrar - How do we do this?
  245. Complaints Management System - Restaurant chain business - Study case
  246. SPC for calibration check data? Daily gram scales check - What is acceptable?
  247. Looking for Process Monitoring /SPC Package - Molded pharma packaging
  248. U-chart regarding defect count - The operator as subgroup?
  249. SPC in Spring Brakes - Measuring Angles - What do I need to do?
  250. Help on identifying the correct statistical tool - Defects vs. Total products