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Non UKAS certification (in UK)

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  Post Number #1  
Old 20th December 2017, 12:54 PM

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Question Non UKAS certification (in UK)

We have a supplier who used to be 9001 certified with BSI. They are now 9001:2015 certified with a company called C.O.M.S. - Certification Online Management Systems. They are not UKAS, but have a Qualitas Veritas logo

The new and improved route to ISO certification has arrived. Gone is the traditional ‘multi stage’ process and time consuming audit schedule. C.O.M.S. brings you the only entirely online based system combined with remote surveillance that has transformed the Certified Online Management Systems Industry.

We use this supplier a lot but it is sounding warning bells that they have moved from a UKAS accredited certification company.

Has anyone else come across COMS?


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  Post Number #2  
Old 20th December 2017, 01:43 PM
AndyN's Avatar

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Re: Non UKAS certification (in UK)

Check the similar threads shown below - scroll down the page. Covered in significant detail. Also check out the ISO website about accredited certifications
Thanks to AndyN for your informative Post and/or Attachment!
  Post Number #3  
Old 20th December 2017, 02:30 PM
Marc's Avatar

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Yin Yang Re: Non UKAS certification (in UK)

The following is mainly about ISO 9001 certifications...

Question: Why does your company want a supplier to be ISO9001 registered/certified? What are your expectations of a supplier ISO 9001 certificate? If the supplier has been supplying you with quality product(s) without any problems, does it matter who their registrar is?

Also see this forum: Registrars (Certification Bodies) and Registration for a lot of related discussions.

I'm not going to get into a "what's right vs. what's wrong" discussion. I will say that typically an ISO 9001 certification body's credibility is typically based upon their accreditation body's credibility. Other standards, such as AS9100, are a bit more strict with respect to what a company will accept of a supplier.

Technically I can give (or sell) you a certificate, and you can print your own (some companies "self certify"). What matters is whether a customer will, or will not, accept a certification by a CB which isn't part of an internationally recognized organization such as the ANAB or UKAS (US and UK).

Thoughts: What is the difference between accreditation and certification?

Personally: I wouldn't require an ISO 9001 certificate to begin with. I believe a company should do supplier approval based on other factors.

As an aside: There are some people who are "crusaders" against what they call "certificate mills", a couple of which I would define as "certificate mills" themselves.

Just my
  Post Number #4  
Old 20th December 2017, 07:51 PM

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Re: Non UKAS certification (in UK)

You also need to determine what is required by your customers and the ramifications this may have. As a supplier to Aerospace, Space and Defense customers we require contractually that all suppliers with ISO 9001, AS9100, etc. certs must be issued from a certification body that has been accredited by an Accreditation Body such as UKAS, ANAB etc.
  Post Number #5  
Old 20th December 2017, 09:29 PM
Marc's Avatar

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I Say... Re: Non UKAS certification (in UK)

Totally agree BoardGuy The reason for my somewhat long post above.

Key phrase: "You also need to determine what is required by your customers"

However, keep in mind that many companies have internal requirement(s) that exceed customer requirements.

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