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Old 10th December 2000, 01:01 AM
Alberto Carrizo Kacheff

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Dear colleagues:

May I remind you that the so frequently referred to "process" (against the less frequently cited "procedure") is considered by the new standard as documented for of the set of activities. If that does not mean procedure, I don´t know what it actually means.

So far, this current year, I have performed seven full assessments based on ISO/DIS and ISO/FDIS. The two following situations arose: 1)The new comers into ISO Quality Sistems insisted that just a few documents are needed (the 6 procedures) 2) The already certified against the departing ISO were thinking of elliminating documented procedures.

Both groups changed their minds when I called their attention to the concept of "procedure" as well as "institute" (document, review, implement and mantain information on a set of activities for a given purpose).

No doubt that we, lead assessors (mostly engineers) should review new concepts and definitions with a lawyer´s point of view and a dictionary at hand reach.

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