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Old 5th February 2007, 10:56 AM
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Icy Mountain

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Re: An ISO/TS16949 Registration Maintenance Diary

Answering the process notice portion turned out to be really easy. I contacted my auditor and explained the situation and the notice in question was removed from the evidence list.

As for the finding:
We regularly check our customer's "what's new" page and update our files. We do a compare against the previous revision to see what has changed (if anything), and adjust our system accordingly. Of course, the customer gives no notice or clue what requirements may have changed. In the case of some of the larger tomes (100 pages +), we were not updating the paper copy in shipping after this review when only the phone number of the receiving clerk in Sri Lanka had changed.

Paper copies at point of use eliminated. Computer shortcut to the documents on the customer's website installed at point of use.

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