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Internal Auditor Qualifications - What qualifications should I include?

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  Post Number #1  
Old 29th June 2005, 10:11 PM

Total Posts: 12
Question Internal Auditor Qualifications - What qualifications should I include?

Hi guys,

My boss wants me to include auditors qualification (for internal auditors in our organization) in the Internal Quality Audit Procedure (IQA).Can you give me an idea what parameters can I include? I consider the education, work experience(should I include this?), Audit experience….auditors training qualification criteria(what does this comprise?)
How will I include this in the procedure?? I am planning to make it as an attachment in the procedure and generate a simple matrix (any example from you guys??)

Lastly, I am planning also to include auditor’s effectiveness(part of evaluating auditor’s) here, I needed to generate an evaluation form, again asking for your help what will be the content of this form.

Thanks in advance..

All advises you’ve shared to me really helps me lot.

Thank you guys..
Thanks to sweetmeg for your informative Post and/or Attachment!

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  Post Number #2  
Old 29th June 2005, 11:45 PM
Jennifer Kirley's Avatar
Jennifer Kirley

Total Posts: 5,709
Parameters range from on-the-job experience to an internal trainig course, to a contracted training course and also to certification such as with ASQ. There might also be some shadowing to ensure the interpersonal methods are appropriate and the planning/execution phases are followed through as the organization has planned out.

So there you have it: training and performance evaluation by a superior.

I like matrices because they give a lot of information, including what is missing as well as what is accomplished. A quaity manual can point to a training document that lists such matrices or they can perhaps simply be used to show training has been accomplished and not called out specifically. Wherever possible, I would avoid making anything that has to be kept updated and formally revised.

As well as the other questions--does anyone here have an auditor's evaluation form?
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  Post Number #3  
Old 30th June 2005, 01:43 AM

Total Posts: 12
Hi Jennifer

Thanks for the inputs..

A follow up regarding auditor’s qualification...(reference to section of ISO/TS manual)

I considered drafting a flow for auditor’s qualification and effectiveness.

Start of Flow is the selection of Propose auditor’s which is appointed by department managers of each section here.
Some of the proposed auditors have no auditing experience yet… Is that okay? What qualification criteria can I add in?
Some auditors have auditing experience of QS 9000 and ISO 14001.(I think there will be no problem with that).

One of the reasons why I planned to include internal auditors qualification on the procedure because during our internal quality audit this is one of the observation of the auditor.
First, the auditor asked “who are the qualified internal auditors?” we gave her the list of auditors who attended the ISO/TS awareness and Internal audit course. But she made a comment that was not enough to claim that list of auditors were qualified.
Then she’s looking for an auditors qualification and effectiveness process which in our part cannot show her.

Going back to draft flow..after selection of propose auditor what will be the next flow?? Is it training??
How can I ensure that all internal auditors are competent to audit ISO/TS requirements?

Hoping for your advise…

  Post Number #4  
Old 1st July 2005, 04:15 AM
antoine.dias's Avatar

Total Posts: 512
Auditor qualifications

FYI, attached please find the qualification we are using.
It is based on ISO 19011 with use of some automotive influence.

Best regards,

Attached Files: 1. Scan for viruses before using, 2. Please report any 'bad' files by Reporting this post, 3. Use at your Own Risk.
File Type: doc Internal auditor qualification - example.doc (25.0 KB, 1970 views)
Thank You to antoine.dias for your informative Post and/or Attachment!
  Post Number #5  
Old 1st July 2005, 05:35 AM

Total Posts: 12
Hi antoine,

Thanks a lot!
This will be useful as my baseline...

  Post Number #6  
Old 28th December 2007, 09:00 PM

Total Posts: 4
Re: Internal auditor qualifications - What qualifications should I include?

Hi to all!

I would like to ask your help regarding the qualifications of Internal Auditors. Currently, I am now revising our Internal Audit procedure to include the Auditors Qualification. What i did was, i made a draft of the Internal Auditors Qualification /Evaluation Guidelines. To test the competentcy of our Internal Auditors I would like to make an examination for them like a case study where in they will do the analysis based on the requirements of TS 16949...Does anyone of you have a sample of a case study which I can be used as reference?

  Post Number #7  
Old 29th December 2007, 04:21 AM
Stijloor's Avatar

Total Posts: 14,919
Re: Internal auditor qualifications - What qualifications should I include?

Hello Jipsy,

Welcome to The Cove Forums!

The best way to determine competency (which is defined as "the ability to apply knowledge and skills") is to have your Internal Auditors perform an actual (mini) audit that you observe. Folks that look good on paper (paper and pencil tests), do not always perform well in real action.

I use the following example during my internal audit training courses: "I can explain to you how to swim, and I can have you do a test on how to swim, but unless I throw you in a pool, you and I will never know."

By the way, you've mentioned ISO/TS 16949:2002. Yes that's OK, but you know what? It's more important that your Internal Auditors understand the internal process requirements.

Happy New Year!

Thank You to Stijloor for your informative Post and/or Attachment!
  Post Number #8  
Old 29th December 2007, 12:00 PM
AndyN's Avatar

Total Posts: 8,374
Thumbs up Re: Internal auditor qualifications - What qualifications should I include?

Since the issue of competency has correctly been identified, we must not only focus on the technical qualifications of auditor candidates, but some of the other characteristics which will help them be effective:-
Interpersonal skills, credibility, management 'potential', reading, writing, comprehension skills etc......

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