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Wes Bucey offers service as "Strategy Advisor" - Seeking Case Studies for Book

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Old 2nd August 2004, 08:56 PM
Wes Bucey's Avatar
Wes Bucey

Posts: 10,959
Read This! Wes Bucey offers service as "Strategy Advisor" - Seeking Case Studies for Book

I am looking for interesting opportunities to add "before and after" case studies for a book (as yet untitled) I am in the beginning throes of writing.

Thus said, I want to offer my services to Organizations (profit or nonprofit) as a short-term "Strategy Advisor" not strictly limited to "Quality" function, but to the organization as an "organic whole."
In Reply to Parent Post by Wes Bucey

My entire career has been centered on the concept ‘Quality should be involved in every aspect of a company - including executive planning, administration, marketing, purchasing, design, production, shipping, and service.’

This concept holds true whether the company is a manufacturer or service company (banking, insurance, communications, transportation, construction, janitorial, etc.) The major emphasis is on pleasing or delighting the customer while maintaining or increasing organizational profitability. (In the case of non-profits, does the organization's performance delight both recipients and the contributors? If so, the organization will continue to thrive.)
I would offer a substantial discount in normal fees charged by an advisor of my experience and ability in return for the rights to use the "before and after" case studies in my book - if necessary, we will disguise identity for publication, but publisher will have to know the case is real, not a figment of my imagination.

Published authors among you know that publishers are relatively stingy with "front money" for books in our field, so I do have to charge something.

Although I am primarily seeking "interesting" situations which will make for reader appeal, I will need some "standard" situations to balance the book.

I have my own corporation and "benefits" so this will be a straight "organization to corporation" contract, no 1099s or other tax stumbling blocks.

Since my experience over the last 40 years covers everything from
  • investment banking (financing industrial plants)
  • nursing homes (dealing with regulations, financing)
  • manufacturing operations (startups, government regulations, takeovers)
  • FDA-regulated and FAA-regulated organizations,
there will be many situations to which I can add value.

Here are some "should have" criteria for the target organizations:
  • I deal with chief executive and/or Board of Directors directly and interact with any or all staff as necessary
  • organization should be in self-perceived "crisis" due to pressure from time, regulators, or customers
  • I don't do work by myself, but will "mentor and advise" existing staff to do it so they can continue when I am gone (for example, I don't "perform" Gap Analysis by myself, but will help personnel learn how to do it themselves, keyed to the organization's circumstances, and will review and suggest modifications as required)
  • There is no minimum term for the assignment - some issues could be resolved in as little as one or two days, but still be important to the organization and pertinent for my book.
  • the maximum term might be as long as a year, but would involve my full time presence for only a fraction of the time to help personnel learn to do a task, returning from time to time for evaluation and suggestions for improvement
  • organization may be any size, from small business to transnational giant.
Some of the perceived "crisis" situations might be, but are not limited to:
  • seeking registration to a Standard due to outside pressure
  • "re-engineering" an organization which needs major Kaizen events to become competitive in its market
  • "assimilating" a recent takeover of an organization with a different culture
  • "fairness opinions" when selling an organization or creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) or Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Complying with Sarbannes-Oxley Act for public corporations
  • new product introduction (production and marketing)
  • achieving government certification in a regulated industry
  • negotiating with aggressive customers
  • negotiating with banks, financiers, equity investors
  • adopting and assimilating new technologies (such as Electronic Document Management or Customer Relationship Management)
Above all, I want to leave the organization in better shape than I found it. Fees will be negotiated in each instance. There is no guarantee I will take any assignment, but if I refuse one, I will make a suggestion for other sources of help. I will not charge for such a suggestion, but the source may charge for its services.

So, fellow Covers, if you learn of an interesting situation, suggest my name. I have a passport and can travel anywhere allowed by the US State Department. Since the contract will run from the organization to my corporation (in existence since 1973), there should be no employment barriers from governments.

Please contact me through my profile "contact info" tab.

Last edited by howste; 27th August 2011 at 11:13 PM. Reason: By request to change contact information.

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Old 2nd August 2004, 08:59 PM
ccochran's Avatar

Posts: 453

I bet any book you write would be a very good one. Keep us posted on your progress. I'm looking forward to it.

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Old 2nd August 2004, 09:03 PM
Wes Bucey's Avatar
Wes Bucey

Posts: 10,959
In Reply to Parent Post by ccochran


I bet any book you write would be a very good one. Keep us posted on your progress. I'm looking forward to it.

Does it sound "hokey" that I'm more interested in helping the organizations than writing the book? The book is just "documentation."
Old 2nd August 2004, 09:08 PM
Marc's Avatar

Posts: 24,330
I Say...

You can also contact Wes by clicking on his name in any post he makes and going to his profile. You can send him an e-mail from there as well. Or - You can send Wes a PM (Personal Message) through the forums software.

I mention this only to remind all Registered Users of these Elsmar Cove Forums options.

If you send an e-mail through the User Profile it is a 'blind' e-mail - no e-mail address is revealed, except the senders e-mail address is seen by the person who receives the e-mail.

Aggressive 'bots' are smart enough to look at wesbuceyATsbcglobalDOTnet, for example, and translate it appropriately. If you REALLY don't want your e-mail address spidered (these forums can be read by anyone and any 'bot'), use the embedded 'Profile' system.
Old 2nd August 2004, 09:28 PM
Marc's Avatar

Posts: 24,330
I Say...

In Reply to Parent Post by Wes Bucey

Does it sound "hokey" that I'm more interested in helping the organizations than writing the book? The book is just "documentation."
I don't think he meant that it sounds "hokey". I do the same things from time to time. You sit back and look at what you want to do and make a scenario.

A person from a large credit reporting company called last week. Asked about purchasing some files - implementation and such. I said to the gal I was speaking with "Hey - for the name I'll drive to Chicago, talk to you (base evaluation) for free and if you're interested you pay expenses and allow me to use the name and I'll do work for cost." Haven't heard back yet, but I hope I do. I'd like to do it to understand how they operate so that I can apply it to other service organizations.

We each have our motivations. That said, we would like you to keep us posted on progress so we can learn from you!

Last edited by Marc; 2nd August 2004 at 09:32 PM. Reason: Revised content.
Old 2nd August 2004, 09:32 PM
Wes Bucey's Avatar
Wes Bucey

Posts: 10,959
If you do drive up, give me a call and we'll split a cork (phone details in separate email to you.)
Old 2nd August 2004, 09:43 PM
Marc's Avatar

Posts: 24,330
I Say...

If I get a call I will. But I'm not expecting one.

It was a gal who was looking for information and I have no idea what 'power level' she is at - but the point is it's a service organization and it's big. I've had some big clients, but then again... You never know. My experience has been such that I never expect a return call and even if I go and do a 'freebie' evaluation and discussion I don't expect a contract. I do look at myself as somewhat 'radical' which I think some companies have a problem with.

But - I've really enjoyed working with companies of all sizes. I don't work a lot any more, but typically I'm choosy enough any more that when I get involved with a company it's fun and rewarding.

I'll bet you - like many of us 'Bad Boy' consultants - have turned down companies. And probably 'quit' a few as well.
Old 2nd August 2004, 09:53 PM
Marc's Avatar

Posts: 24,330
In Reply to Parent Post by Wes Bucey

(phone details in separate email to you.)
Just send in a PM.

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