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Index of Elsmar.com/obsolete/

[DIR] Parent Directory

[TXT] 14_sur.html                     21K  Mark Saarelainen's ISO 14000 Survey

[DIR] Aud_matrix/

[TXT] consist.html                    19K  QS9000 - ISO9000 Consistency Diatribe

[TXT] iasg_3-96.html                 208K  3/96 - Old QS 9000 IASG Interpretations
[TXT] iasg_big.html                  247K  Old QS IASG 9000 Interpretations

[TXT] iso-9858.html                   13K  ISO Comparisons

[DIR] ISO-9858/

[TXT] iso9000_history.html            22K  The Elsmar Cove - ISO 9000 Historical Information
[TXT] iso_94_chg.html                 20K  ISO 9001:1994 Changes

[TXT] iso_imp.html                    18K  ISO9001 / QS9000 Home Brew Implementation
[TXT] isojapan.html                  8.5K  ISO 9001 and Japan
[TXT] Marc_Smith.html                4.4K  Marc Timothy Smith In Detroit
[TXT] mobil.html                      15K  A real oldie! 

[TXT] plexus.html                     47K  Plexus Training - The early days
[TXT] qs-problem.html                6.8K  More QS 9000 Problems
[TXT] qs9000_history.html             19K  The Elsmar Cove - QS-9000 Historical Info
[TXT] qs9000_man.html                100K  QS-9000 Manual

[TXT] qs_ele_corr.html                56K  ISO - QS 9000 Element Correlation
[TXT] qs_manual.html                  90K  QS-9000 Systems Manual - Obsolete
[TXT] qsa_bye.html                   9.5K  AIAG Documentation
[TXT] qsmatrix.html                  3.7K  QS-9000 - the Manuals
[TXT] requirements.html               50K  QS - ISO 9001 - VDA 6 Alignment Matrix

[TXT] tis_me.html                     14K  Who is Marc Timothy Smith?
[TXT] tuv.html                        98K  TUV Rheinland Audit Check List
[TXT] wots-2.html                     17K  WOTS - Word On The Street 1996
[TXT] wots.html                       49K  WOTS - Word on the Street
[TXT] wsj.html                        15K  An early Wall Street Journal article


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