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Meeting the Intent

  • It is important to interpret APQP requirements in terms of the documentation and systems within your company. You also have to understand that when the APQP manual talks about a link via a process operation number on the control plan to the process number on the process flow diagram it may be that the control plan and the process flow diagram within your company is one and the same - a single, discrete document.

  • It is important to look at what they are attempting to do. In this case they are using the process number as a linkage between two or more documents as a way to ensure that ‘counterpart information’ is easily visible. This control is for this process step in the process flow which was evaluated for risk in this process FMEA line item.

  • In this presentation we will first be looking at the base requirements - mainly inputs and outputs to and from ‘Phases’ of the APQP process. From there we will go to looking closely at the control plan and related ‘required’ documentation. You will find that a number of times within this presentation I will be reinforcing the fact that there is as low probability that your company’s systems and documentation will exactly reflect what is in the APQP and Control Plan manual text. You have to look at the intent and you must identify ‘equivalencies’ within your company’s systems and documentation.

    Communicating Knowledge

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