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Characteristics I

  • CHARACTERISTIC: A distinguishing feature, dimension or property of a process or its output (product) on which variable or attribute data can be collected. (P39 APQP)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, CRITICAL, CHRYSLER DEFINITION: Characteristics applicable to a component, material, assembly, or vehicle assembly operation which are designated by Chrysler Corporation Engineering as being critical to part function and having particular quality, reliability and/or durability significance. These include characteristics identified by the shield, pentagon, and diamond. (49 PPAP)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, CRITICAL (INVERTED DELTA), FORD DEFINITION: Those product requirements (dimensions, performance tests) or process parameters that can affect compliance with government regulations or safe vehicle/product function, and which require specific supplier, assembly, shipping, or monitoring and included on Control Plans. (P49 PPAP)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, CRITICAL, GM DEFINITION: See Key Product Characteristic. (P49 PPAP)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, KEY CONTROL (KCCs): Those process parameters for which variation must be controlled around a target value to ensure that a significant characteristic is maintained at its target value. KCCs require ongoing monitoring per an approved Control Plan and should be considered as candidates for process improvement. (P49 PPAP)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, KEY PRODUCT (KPC): Those product features that affect subsequent operations, product function, or customer satisfaction. KPCs are established by the customer engineer, quality representative, and supplier personnel from a review of the Design and Process FMEA’s and must be included in the Control Plan. Any KPCs included in customer-released engineering requirements are provided as a starting point and do not affect the supplier’s responsibility to review all aspects of the design, manufacturing process, and customer application and to determine additional KPCs. (P49 PPAP)

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