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Characteristics V

  • CHARACTERISTIC, SPECIAL, GM DEFINITION “Standard” <None>: Product characteristic for which reasonably anticipated variation is unlikely to significantly affect a product’s safety, compliance with governmental regulations, fit/function. (Appendix C QS-9000 (now IATF 16949) ) & (Appendix C APQP)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, SPECIAL, PROCESS (e.g., CRITICAL, KEY, MAJOR, SIGNIFICANT): A process characteristic for which variation must be controlled to some target value to ensure that variation in a special product characteristic is maintained to its target value during manufacturing and assembly. (P57 FMEA)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, SPECIAL, PRODUCT: Core team compilation of important product characteristics from all sources. All Special Characteristics must be listed on the Control Plan. (6.3 #19 APQP)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, SPECIAL, PRODUCT (e.g., CRITICAL, KEY, MAJOR, SIGNIFICANT): A product characteristic for which reasonably anticipated variation could significantly affect a product’s safety or compliance with governmental standards or regulations, or is likely to significantly affect customer satisfaction with a product. (P55 FMEA)

  • CHARACTERISTIC, SPECIAL, TOOLING, CHRYSLER DEFINITION “Pentagon” <P>: Critical tooling symbol used to identify special characteristics of fixtures, gages, developmental parts, and initial product parts. (QS-9000 (now IATF 16949) )

  • CONTROL ITEM PART, FORD DEFINITION: Product drawings/specifications containing Critical Characteristics. Ford Design and Quality Engineering approval is required for changes to Control Item FMEA’s and Control Plans. (QS-9000 (now IATF 16949) )

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