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An Open Source Document

This document is an Open Source document!


  • This means it is the result of the input of may people and resources.

  • This means YOU can and may participate. If you want something included or have a suggestion, please let me know. You can send some slides in e-mail. Or write me and tell me about what has not been addressed but that you believe should be addressed. If your suggestion is incorporated into the document you will be given credit in the document. You will get updates for free as long as the file is undergoing updates (rumour is I may die someday or decide to do something else with my life so I can t really use the word forever).

  • I will accept and incorporate good patches and constructive criticism.

  • Telling me of spelling errors doesn t count, but will be very much appreciated.

  • This is how we do things in hackerland; it's a combination of individual visions and collaborative synergy that makes things work. Just as it is in the Cove forums.

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