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Some Typical Questions to Expect

  • What is ISO 9001 (or QS 9000)?

  • Who is the QS Management Representative?

  • What is the quality policy? What does the quality policy mean to you?

  • Does your company do a good job meeting the quality policy objectives?

  • How do you know whether you are doing your job well or not?

  • How do you know what to do? Tell me about your job and your duties. What are your quality responsibilities? Tell me how your job affects the quality of your product.

  • What are controlled documents? What documentation do you follow (are you responsible for)? Where is it? How do you know you are using the most recent version? If your documentation says you should do something a specific way and someone else tells you to do it differently, what do you do?

  • How do you know if your equipment is in calibration? What do you do if it is not? Can you explain what this calibration label tells you?

  • Do you ever have problems come up? How do you handle them?

  • When you find nonconforming product, what do you do?

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