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Things to Do

  • Be patient. Wait for the auditor to ask a question.

  • Listen closely before answering any question(s). If you are not sure you understand the question, ask the auditor to repeat it. If you still do not understand the question, tell the auditor you do not understand it. The auditor will try to better explain him/herself. Never answer a question you do not understand!

  • Never say Sometimes I.... . When you do something differently because of different circumstances, explain exactly! When ------ happens, I...., and when +++++ happens, I .... . Be specific.

  • Always tell the Truth. Don t ever try to hide something. You may think you are helping someone - you are not. One lie can destroy confidence. Just like in a marriage, if one spouse lies to the other and the other finds out, the relationship may be in real danger. One lie could ruin the entire audit.

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