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Things NOT to Do

  • If you do not know the answer to a question, tell the auditor that you do not know the answer. Don t attempt to fake it . If the auditor tries to explain again and you still do not understand the question, tell him/her again that you do not understand the question. The Escort will attempt to help if this happens.

  • Do NOT try to hide from the auditor. All the auditor wants is to ask you about your job and how to do it. You know your job. You can tell the auditor about as easily as you can tell anyone else.

  • Do NOT try to answer a question for another person. If the question is not about the job you are doing and you know who does that job, tell the auditor who they should ask if you know.

  • Do NOT try to answer a question about another job. The only question an auditor is supposed to ask is about YOUR job. If the auditor asks you a question about someone else s job, you should answer That is not my job. The GDL escort or the other GDL person with the auditor must take the lead from this point.

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