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Old 15th March 2006, 12:59 PM

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Please Help! QMS Responsiblity and Authority vs. Responsibility but No Authority

Suppose a company wants to set a goal such that:

All requests to change a procedure are "turned around" within 2 business days. (By turned around I mean, issued, reviewed, approved, and released to the QMS)

Further Suppose that:

1) The "Quality Manager" is "assigned" responsibility for making this happen.
2) The owners and approvers of most procedures are higher up in the company that the QA Manager.
3) There is a massive 'backlog' of change requests that the QA Mgr has approved but they are sitting on the desks of other owners to approve before then can be released.
4) The QA Mgr sends are weekly report and meets once per week with his boss to talk about what change requests are still sitting on his, his boss, and other executive desks for approval.

Time passes and passes and on average it is taking about 3 weeks for a change request to be implemented. The QA Mgr's boss is not happy with this and feels that the QA Mgr is not meeting his/her expectation and should fix this problem.

My Questions:

1) To what extent do you believe the QA Mgr is responsible for ensuring that "higher-ups" complete their approvals.

2) More specifically, to what extent is the QA Mgr responsible for ensuring that his boss completes his/her approvals.

3) The QA Mgr attititude is such that he feels great responsibility for ensuring that those that report to him directly (or indirectly) but not for ensuring that those that are above him perform to their own expectations. In the end, will this attitude harm the QA Manager?..the company ?

I have my own thoughts on this scenario but am seeking others opinions before I commit to my idea. Any input is appreciated.


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