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Old 18th March 1999, 07:18 AM
John C

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You say; “Nope - I disagree. Preventive action does not involve detection.”
But it does. It says it in 4.14.3a. Does anyone read the Standard? Or have I a different copy from everyone else? (I’ve got ISO 9002:1994. If that isn’t the latest rev then apologies all round.)

But I’m only pursuing this so as to develop a sound basis so that I can teach people and deal with sloppy registrars. (I feel I am going to have some difficulties) But we do agree on the important things:

Preventive action is prediction. It is detection and it is continuous improvement. You mentioned starting a new string; As I said in my original post on the subject; I don’t know where to put ‘continuous improvement’. Is it here in 4.14.3 or is it in 4.2.3 Quality Planning? That’s probably a good starting point. I would certainly like to see a discussion on Continuous Improvement because it’s my favourite subject. I’ll send an opener.

Just for interest; You mentioned you were taught corr. preventive. action differently. Well I have here BS5750 Part 1 1987 - almost certainly worded identically to the orginal ISO 9001. There is no preventive action section. Only 4.14 Corr. Action and it includes;
“4.14 b) analysing all processes, work operations, concessions, quality records, service reports and customer complaints to detect and eliminate potential causes of nonconforming product.”

That, for me, is preventive action. And it has been lifted out of Corr Action and made Preventive Action in the latest version. The latest is less clear, less precise, less sensible, but that is inevitable since the engineer’s original wording has been taken over by bureaucrats. When we start arguing about ISO 9000:2000, then we will have some Herculean task.

Hope to see you all in the ‘Continuous Improvement’ string.

rgds, John C

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