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Old 14th January 2008, 01:57 PM
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Icy Mountain

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Re: How to develop a Control Plan from a PFMEA (Process FMEA)

Here they are. Just in case you are trying to get into a few more details, here's the key to all the abbreviations. Abbreviations are your friend on these documents. They should be concise guidelines to your control. Do not write level 3 test procedures here!
PM = Procedures Manual (our "Quality Manual")
PR = Product Realization
BOM = Bill of Materials
WI = Work Instruction (a.k.a. Level 3 procedure)
SAR = Supplier Action Request
PCB = Printed Circuit Board
SMT = Surface Mount Technology
KCC = Key Control Characteristic = (the generic symbol for KCC)

Please note that you absolutely must cover the KCCs in your PFMEA and Control Plan and they should be marked with (or your customer's required symbol). Furthermore, if you have lower level procedures that specify how to measure they should be marked there and anyplace you record them .

Note the connection between the # column on the PFMEA (e.g. 01-01) with the Part/Process Number column (e.g. 1) on the Control Plan. The only characteristics on the Control Plan that I have broken out specifically are the KCC's. They are all listed as one item on the PFMEA (07-01) so they are listed on the the Control Plan in Part/Process Number 7 but all have the same characteristic number 1. If you really want to get technical, these should be listed on the PFMEA as 07-01, 07-02 and 07-03 then listed on the Control Plan as Part/Process Number 7 and characteristics 1, 2, 3. That level of detail is probably overkill. Make sure that you are matching the Process/Function Requirements Number to the Part/Process Number and you should have enough for most folks to connect everything together.
Attached Files: 1. Scan for viruses before opening, 2. Please report any 'bad' files by Reporting this post, 3. Use at your Own Risk.
File Type: pdf PFMEA EX.pdf (390.3 KB, 2752 views)
File Type: pdf Control Plan EX.pdf (29.8 KB, 3448 views)
Thank You to Icy Mountain for your informative Post and/or Attachment!

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