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Old 13th January 2014, 06:01 PM
drgnrider's Avatar

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Question Required Documents/Records in ISO 9001:2015

After reading through CD-ISO-9001, unless I am missing something, these are all that I see that will be required:

what we currently refer to as documents:
- [4.3] Scope & justifications for exclusions (limited to 7.1.4 and 8)
- [5.2] Quality Policy
- [6.2.a-g] Quality Objectives and information

what we currently refer to as records:
- [7.1.4] Evidence of fitness of monitoring & measurement equipment
- [7.2.d] Evidence of employee competence
- [7.5.b] Information determined by the organization as being necessary
- [8.1.c] Information that processes have been completed as planned
- [8.2.3] Basically Order intake & processing)
- [8.4.2] Provider evaluations (ability to provide)
- [8.4.3] (Basically Purchase Order)
- [8.4.3] Provider evaluations (performance)
- [8.6.2] Unique identification for traceability
- [8.6.3] Customer property lost, damaged, or unsuitable
- [8.6.6] Review of change
- [8.7] Evidence of conformity
- [8.7] Person releasing to customer
- [8.8] Nonconforming goods and actions taken
- [9.1.1] Records that monitoring and measurement have been completed
- [9.2.f] Audits were held and results
- [9.3] Results of Management Review
- [10.1.a] Nature of nonconformance's and actions taken
- [10.1.b] Results of Corrective Actions

It appears that as long as everyone knows our processes, we do not need to have anything in writing. I did not see anything that states we need to have processes in writing, although some should be.

Have I missed something?
Thank You to drgnrider for your informative Post and/or Attachment!

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