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Old 23rd January 2014, 08:12 PM
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Jen Kirley

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Re: What to do when Employees are not following instructions

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Thank you to all for the words of advice. In the case I speak of, the senior engineers decided to create a new router (print), by altering an old one and putting a different customer p/n on it. Thus the differences between the two prints were, one was customer ABC with a dimension of 5.22 and the other was customer DCE with a dimension of 5.25, as an example.
The old customer print (ABC) should have been archived when the new one was created and they know this, but they figured they would just let it go into obsolete status from lack of orders.
Thus, our engineers knew the right process steps to take and they even helped in deciding those steps, so for them to ignore the steps, it just doesn't make sense... however this seems to be a common occurrence with them both. Both engineers have been with the company since it started in the 70's, therefore they were trained by the owner of the company as well as "Self Taught."
Again, thanks for the advice and I will look to improve upon our processes with the input provided.
This looks like a document control matter because the engineers have repurposed an old document that is used to tell people what to do. That means the document should be controlled.

I often repurpose old documents, but doing that requires a careful review before publishing - like any document update. Did they follow the document control process? The thing could be printed out (I don't know about you, but I seem to find errors best on a printed version) and reviewed by the engineering manager or a peer, then sent on to the document control admin for processing.

So if approaching the issue, I would consider doing so as an invitation to submit their new documents for review. Engineers tend to be very smart but have relatively little mental bandwidth for QMS niceties so I would be nice when making this offer; but this sort of thing is not negotiable, protocols need to be followed.

I hope this helps!
Thank You to Jen Kirley for your informative Post and/or Attachment!

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