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PPAP and ISO/TS 16949 - PPAP Submission - What are the SHALLs?
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PPAP and ISO/TS 16949 - PPAP Submission - What are the SHALLs?
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Old 9th March 2018, 12:15 PM
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Look! Re: PPAP and ISO/TS 16949 - PPAP Submission - What are the SHALLs?

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I have a question with regards to the PPAP submission. Do I need separate ppap if parts are manufactured at two locations. The supplier sent me flow chart wher clearly states parts are manufactured at 2 locations. Do I need 2 capacity docs, Initial process studies etc?
I have been out of automotive for a while, but this is similar to a situation where multiple tools exist, only on a larger scale. In the multiple tool scenario, you had to provide dimensional and capability results for each tool. Other items that were common you did not. You could still submit it as one PPAP.

Now scale this up to two locations. You would not only have separate tooling, but separate processes, separate quality systems, etc. I would recommend submitting one PPAP, but with separate documentation by location where that documentation is different. If they share the same QMS, some of the documentation may not have to be duplicated. If the processes are identical, they may share the same PFMEA and control plan, but do not assume that.

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Old 9th March 2018, 12:53 PM

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Re: PPAP and ISO/TS 16949 - PPAP Submission - What are the SHALLs?

I think you have to clarify what "manufactured at 2 locations" means. Are both locations providing a complete part? Or are steps 1,2,3 at one location and steps 4,5 are completed at another location so that only only complete part is provided?

If two locations provide a complete part, then I think you need two PPAPs, one for each location. IF manufacturing steps are at two locations, you need one ppap with paperwork from each location with regard to their activities.

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