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Quality and the 2010 USA soccer team

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Posted 24th June 2010 at 02:03 PM by AnaMariaVR2
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Passion for improvement and process improvement is all about what we saw June 23rd, 2010 in the USA vs. Algeria match.

USA demonstrated that it can be done. Quality is a journey not a destination & the USA believes in walking in that path.

How far they actually will reach in this tournament is yet to be seen & that is not the point of this post...but it is all about consistency, perseverance, reaching to high standards and hard work. That is the lesson always for any industry: pharma, automotive, business, aviation...or even soccer. I highly respect any individual or group efforts towards quality and their consistency into setting new & better standards.

I'm "overjoyed” by their strong drive to improve to write soccer history.

So, I wonder how many quality methodologies were introduced/integrated/implemented in the formation of this USA team for the 2010 Fifa World Cup?

Any thoughts? Love to hear from you guys/gals...

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  1. Old Comment
    My take on US Soccer quality:
    I am sure that quality soccer play is important in winning a match. If all thing were equal then the best team would generally win. Sports has the known uncertainty of CHANCE. Chance unfortunately is so powerful in all sports, that the best team many times comes close and losses. My many observations of professional sports play have allowed me to conclude that the number of rigged/fixed games is significant. This allows for a very large uncertainty.
    In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the German team played very well in a few games, and somehow terrible in others. The Argentinean team player Messi, who plays in Spain for buckets of money, seemed to single handedly kills Argentina’s chances at important moments. I enjoyed the unrelenting drive of some wildcard teams like Holland in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. They’re play was seat of the pants, and with nothing to loose effectiveness in many games.
    I believe the American team have been playing long enough to know what teams are the kings of the game. American as a whole does not really support the sport of soccer to the point of the world soccer kings. The soccer sport is developing in this country as a soccer-mom/dad sport, but not with the passion, say as Mexico or Brazil. A quality development which will some day maybe allow further advancement in the FIFA World Cup, will not be basic passing and striking skills, but a passion of the game by the whole USA. The USA will likely never allow soccer to achieve US Football status or beyond, so US Soccer will likely never achieve the plans of statistical planners and coaches. US Soccer will be a soccer-mom/dad sport
    Posted 12th September 2010 at 01:42 PM by George Weiss

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