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Recently (less than a year ago) i became addicted to boardgames - europeans and the like. Do any of the other covers share this same passion? Example of beloved games: agricola, twilight struggle, le havre, steam, and many more!
9 8 65 5
29th March 2018
12:35 PM
This is the place for the bookworms of the Cove. I already know that we have lots of literature lovers around the Cove. Let's share hints and tips, and discuss what we have read.
55 6 64 5
4th January 2018
01:22 PM
For those who love to ride the open road
28 12 50 3
19th October 2017
02:56 PM
For Japanese and anyone who is interested in Japan and Japanese culture and people. (If you use Japanese in Romaji(alphabet), please add English translation for non-Japanese Covers. Thank you.)
18 10 55 10
28th April 2017
01:32 PM
For people who consider F1 the highest level of motor racing.
34 25 83 12
22nd April 2017
05:22 AM
Let's talk about quality, tacos, soccer, tamales, music, history, pi?atas, places and you name it! Note: It is forbidden to talk about soccer when we lost! Ok?
121 100 557 55
21st February 2017
09:34 PM
All of the great Indian covers who are in India and outside doing the best to the organizations and nations at large and making INDIA proud of them.
80 17 54 3
4th January 2017
08:25 PM
It has recently (since we got the album feature) occured to me that there are many photographers in the cove, so why not create a group? Said and done...
41 17 117 115
21st January 2015
06:42 AM
To share a common interest in Ham Radio. We could possibly meet up on the air on Field Day or SKN.
3 1 4 0
6th October 2014
02:31 PM
Comunidade de Covers brasileiros, interessados em trocar informa??es, experi?ncias e opini?es sobre sistemas de gest?o e assuntos afins.
10 2 10 0
31st August 2014
04:40 PM
A group for people who enjoy riding a bicycle. All levels of riders from liesure to competition. All types of riding - track, road, BMX, XC, commuter, etc. Come talk about rides, equipment, environmental efforts, charity eventsm, and anything else related to cycling.
27 29 207 8
23rd May 2014
12:10 PM
Indoor (houseplants), outdoor gardening...ornamental vs. vegetable garden...container vs. community gardening...vegetable gardens...farming...pest design...bird feeders/baths...water writers, painters or photographers...
7 13 20 9
3rd January 2013
10:21 AM
Recommend and discuss films across all genres. Especially for fans of independent or international films.
9 13 26 0
15th October 2012
12:59 PM
Hello all, By creating this group I hope to attract Cove members located in Israel, or doing business with Israeli companies, to network and discuss issues peculiar to the local environment, constraints and so on.
19 13 24 10
13th September 2012
12:24 PM
Anything to do with Stereo's of the past, present and future.......
6 6 34 0
28th June 2012
06:21 AM
Anyone who has owned, is currently or wish they would have a nice classic car in their garage. Pics of your baby (car), cool garages, experiences of driving a classic, and if you want to buy a classic car, see the originator.
7 10 36 7
24th April 2012
01:41 PM
Are you from the midwest? Join the group!!!
43 3 55 4
28th February 2012
10:24 AM
Live in or visit the Intermountain West? Join the group!
9 3 19 5
26th June 2011
06:09 PM
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