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Communication Needs Identification and Communication Model Development
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Communication Needs Identification and Communication Model Development
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Communication Needs Identification and Communication Model Development - Page 2

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  Post Number #9  
Old 22nd September 2014, 12:51 PM
pldey42's Avatar

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Re: Communication Needs Identification and Communication Model Development

With KANO being a model of customer satisfaction, there seems to be an assumption that this is about communicating to employees, as though they are customers for communications from managers. There's surely a risk too that the categories and stratification prejudge the needs.

Downward-only communications systems rarely work, in my experience, for managers only know what they know - figures, trends, costs, aspirations - much of which is either not of interest to employees, or beyond their control. So managers communicate and people try to listen, try not to fall asleep.

Managers don't know what they don't know - and employees often do. They know what works and what doesn't, they know why customers complain, and they're desperate for someone to listen. They know too that problems are often caused by departments throwing problems over the wall. They're told not to report problems unless they have a solution, and know the solution involves managers and their staff working across departmental boundaries, and that therefore nothing will happen and they'll be marked as "complainers." So they say nothing. Good communications should make people feel free to speak their minds, not talked at.

Rather than communicate about communicating with surveys and the like, I'd start communicating with a simple agenda:
  1. What we want to tell you, especially things that concern you or affect your work;
  2. What we want to do and need your help and ideas with - and here's how you tell us or give us feedback;
  3. What questions you have that you'd like answered - we'll get answers to you asap if we can, or tell you why not.

I'd do it with a cascade down through the organization, with feedback from meetings (ideas, suggestions, questions) flowing back up. Oh, and I'd bring donuts to the meetings. Monthly to start with, see how it goes.

Every year or so, I'd bring everyone in the company together and encourage teams to brag about their successes and talk about new ventures. (15 minutes presentation plus questions each).

Just my 2c
Thank You to pldey42 for your informative Post and/or Attachment!

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  Post Number #10  
Old 23rd September 2014, 05:02 AM

Total Posts: 13
Re: Communication Needs Identification and Communication Model Development

Hey Patrick

Thanks for your response.

HR did not identify communication needs using the KANO model. That was proposed initially but they were facing problems

It was a focus group study to know what were the actual communication needs of members being part of a particular group.

So the study actually revolved around the three points you mentioned in the agenda but was more for identifying the bottom up needs.

For the women category, they requested the formation of a ladies club to share information.

I could share the calendar and probably take your suggestions on how to maintain timelines effectively.

  Post Number #11  
Old 23rd September 2014, 06:42 AM
pldey42's Avatar

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Re: Communication Needs Identification and Communication Model Development

Hi Lavania,

I think that if you just start doing it, you'll figure out appropriate timings yourselves far better than any outsider could.

I think one can try to plan too much, especially where people and communications are concerned. What matters more is just communicating!

I conducted an audit once in a dysfunctional organization. At the closing meeting the quality manager summarized the findings back to me. "You mean that if we talked to each other we'd do better?"

The answer was yes. I think leadership and sensitivity to people's needs are the keys.

Just 2c

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