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Visakhapatnam ...
Nice coastal city in India, at the top of AP state on the coast of bay of bengal.
and the Rhino ...
and the Turtle ...
and the Mute duck and Black duck ...
I was at the Indiragandhi Zoological park in Visakhapatnam on Jan 26 2014 and captured this Mandrill ...
Here you can observe that the time is just about 5:00 pm, if you can see the shadow line on the etched scale on the platform.
The time per the Sundial exactly was the time per our watch, close to 4:48 pm. (Look at the shadow line and not the reflection line)
The Sundial at Annavaram temple
The famous temple at Simhachalam at night, 25 Km from Visakhapatnam.
The view of the reservoir dam from the temple area, 12x zoom
The flowering tree in the temple on which devotees tie color cloth for wishes to be granted.
The view of the reservoir from Annavaram temple
The famous temple at Annavaram, 125 Km south from Visakhapatnam on the way to Vijayawada.
Master EK (Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya) 
Master E.K. took upon himself the task of promoting homoeopathy as he believed that countless number of...
Master EK 
Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.), born on August 11, 1926 in Bapatla (India) was a university lecturer for Vedic and oriental...
Seated at the first Indian submarine KALVARI, which was decommissioned on 31 May, 1996.
Closeup of beach flower lit by the morning sunlight
Closeup of beach flower lit by the morning sunlight diffused
Closeup of beach flower lit by the morning sunlight
The dragon on the lawns of the shoreside apartments
Animals carved out in metal along the shoreside apartments
Sandy lane - Restaurant and Bar.,  
The old building which is on the beach is now a cool place to chill out with Beer on the seashore. 
Sandy Lane is...
Statue of The champion chief minister of AP state YSR Reddy, who died in a chopper crash in the mountains....
Sea flowers on the sands on RK beach
Police martyrs memorial, on beach road, RK beach

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