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The Top Quality Questions
UL - Underwriters Laboratories - Health Sciences
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
The Top Quality Questions
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The Top Quality Questions - Page 8

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  Post Number #57  
Old 20th February 2017, 04:19 PM

Total Posts: 7
Re: The Top Quality Questions

Thanks Craig for the list. What I found to be interesting was how many of those questions were either asked by me or asked of me.
Thanks to paccnc for your informative Post and/or Attachment!

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  Post Number #58  
Old 24th March 2017, 02:45 AM

Total Posts: 8
Re: Resorted

In Reply to Parent Post by ccochran View Post


Good idea. I resorted them into categories and added a few new items:

Document control / Documentation
1. What documents require control?
2. How do you control forms?
3. How can we control memos, printed emails, and sticky notes that people insist on posting?
4. What is the most effective format for job procedures?
5. Who should approve documents?
6. What’s the most efficient form of document control?
7. Does our Quality Manual have to repeat all the requirements from the standard we’re implementing?
8. How can we add value to our Quality Manual?

Problem Solving / Corrective Action
9. How do we improve our root cause analysis?
10. How do we determine if a corrective action was effective?
11. How do we get people to use our corrective action system?
12. Should all customer complaints become corrective actions?
13. What should we do about repeat product defects?

Management Responsibility / Leadership
14. How can I get Top Management to see the value of our quality system?
15. Our top management jumps from one management fad to another. How can I get them to focus on what we’re already doing?
16. What should we do if we fail to achieve our objectives?
17. What is the most effective way to choose organizational objectives?
18. Our management review takes forever and managers hate participating. What should we do about this?

19. How do I begin implementing a management system?
20. Should we combine our quality system with our system for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance?
21. We would like to cherry pick requirements from ISO 9001, instead of implementing the entire standard. Is this a good idea?

Customer Satisfaction
22. How do we develop a customer survey?
23. What should we do about customer feedback?
24. We just lost a key customer. What can we do to get them back?

25. What measuring instruments must be calibrated?
26. How do you calibrate tape measures, rulers, and similar gauges?
27. What happens if something is found to be out of calibration?
28. Can people be calibrated?

Organizational Culture
29. How can I get employees more excited about our quality system?
30. Whenever I say ISO 9001 (or TS 16949 or ISO 14001 or any other standard), people in my company get turned off. What should I do?

31. How can we reinvigorate our internal audit process?
32. How do I plan for an internal audit?
33. Should we use checklists during internal audits? If so, what kind?

34. Do we have to inspect or verify everything we purchase?
35. Do we have to keep records of receiving inspection?

Control of Nonconforming Products
36. How do we control nonconforming products when the product is a service?
37. How do we define exactly what is considered a nonconforming product?
38. Should all nonconforming products be submitted to corrective action?
39. One of our key customers has a specification/tolerance/requirement that we simply can not meet. What can we do?

Innovation / Design
40. How do we innovate our products?

41. What’s the best way to educate people on our company’s objectives?
42. Does top management have to be included in our training process?
43. How can we verify whether training has been effective?

As a new MR, this list is very helpful.
Thank you for this.
Thanks to skybertus for your informative Post and/or Attachment!
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