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7.2.3 Customer Communication

We are going through the product realization requirements. We talk about review of product requirements that imply we have an open line of communications with our customers. Now we look at element 7.2.3 which, for the first time, requires us to have a documented means of communicating with customers.

Many companies still have very informal means of communicating with customers (such as the back of napkins). What ISO 9001:2000 is getting you ready for is the reality already in place with TS 16949. That is, you need formal documented communications and in many cases electronic communications set up for full time transfer of information between you and your customers. With the internet coming on so strong, you can already perform all communications with your customers and suppliers using just e-mail and web pages.

ISO 9001:2000 is asking you to have open avenues of communication for product information, inquiries, order handling, feedback, and customer complaints.


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