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6.3 - Infrastructure
Note: There are no significant new requirements in infrastructure from the 1994 version.

Infrastructure is another ‘new’ requirement of iso 9001:2000, but was already essentially a requirement in the 1994 version. This requires you to define, provide, and maintain the infrastructure needed to assure the quality you want from your products. But what is infrastructure?

In iso 9004 the nature of infrastructure is explained as underlying foundation needed to keep your company going. Specifically, you would need to create a matrix to describe how you keep your infrastructure in place. Across the top of the matrix would be the issues involved, such as:

1. - Objectives
2. - Function To Be Performed
3. - Performance
4. - Availability
5. - Cost
6. - Safety
7. - Security
8. - Environmental Issues (Waste, Pollution, Etc.)
• - Maintenance Plan
• - Reaction Plan For Climatic Or Other Uncontrollable Events

Down the side would be the elements of your infrastructure, such as:

1. - Machinery
2. - Workspace
3. - Hardware
4. - Software
5. - Tools
6. - Equipment
7. - Services
8. - Communication Lines
9. - Transportation
10. - Facilities

Each intersecting space would be your plans for that particular part of your infrastructure and the corresponding issue. As you can see it is sort of a large quality function deployment exercise. The nature of your industry will determine what goes on each of these lists.

6.3 Infrastructure

Is the standard asking for maintenance of machines / equipment? Currently, i have a system of preventive maintenance of these equipment. Is it sufficient? Or do i need to add something else?

With an existing pm system you are most likely meeting these requirements. The new stuff relates to 'software' and 'supporting services'. Do a gap check for these, identify or implement what is done, and that should wrap it up.

Audit question:
1. How and how much consideration does infrastructure control get within your company? Does it deserve more or less of this amount of consideration?

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