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Process Mapping

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Table of Contents

Process Mapping

ISO 9000 Documents


Base ISO9001:2000 DIS Structure

ISO9000:2000 �Process Model'

Business as a Process

Be Ready To Show How You Comply


Initial Expectations

Documentation Tiers

Typical Documentation Tiers

Mapping - Two Aspects

ISO 9000 Line Item Matrix Mapping

Mapping Aspects

After You Map...

Typical Operations Flowchart

Business As A System (A Series Of Processes)

Use a Process Flow Chart! Because:

Creating a Process Flow Chart

Creating a Process Flow Chart

Early Process Flow Diagram

Basic Flow Chart Example

Basic Flow Chart Example

Top Level Flow

Why Process Maps?

Process Map Elements

Process Map Elements

Company X Process Map Elements

Company X Process Map Sample Review

7 Steps to Process Mapping

Company X Process Mapping Worksheets

Company X Process Mapping Steps

Identify Main Process Inputs and Outputs

Generate a Draft of the Process Steps

Generate a Draft of the Process Map

Steps in Generating a Process map

Review the Draft Process Map with the Taem

Implementation Plan for the Process and Documentation.

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