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A Free Information Resource for Quality Assurance, Engineering and Management professionals.
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2021 Elsmar Forum Advertising

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General Elsmar Cove Forum and Web Site Information is a 'niche' site for Quality Assurance, Business Standards and Systems, and Engineering professionals. The site 'went live' starting out essentially as a "hobby" (an extension of my BBS days in the 1980's) on the web as on 5 January 1996 and has been online for over 24 years

The Elsmar Cove Forums went 'online' around May 1997. The original forums ran on Darryl Burgdorf's WebBBS - a set of perl scripts. Designed to help professionals maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of news, jobs, methodologies, tools and best practices, the Elsmar Cove forum helps professionals understand and work with Quality in an ever changing environment of the requirements of business system standards.

The Elsmar Cove site targets Quality Leaders, Consultants, Engineers, Managers, and others in organizations that are interested in Business Standards compliance and Quality Assurance as well as improving business process performance. Visitors are not just out surfing, they are learning how to be more effective in their job and many are ready to purchase tools that will help them succeed. These individuals have both the ability and authority to make capital decisions on behalf of themselves and their companies. Together they represent billions of dollars of purchasing power. It would be difficult to find a better demographic.

Of note is that is truly an International discussion forum and internet destination. People from all over the world visit

Target Audience

Quality Assurance and Engineering professionals in various high tech fields from project managers to calibration and medical device professionals. Medical Device professionls and topics are currently very popular in the Elsmar Cove forums.

Elsmar Cove Web Site Traffic - Visitors, Page Views and Related Statistics

Detailed metrics (according to Google) availsble upon request. You can get basic estimated metrics on Alexa.Once the premier internet Quality Assurance website, the Google Search Panda changes of 2013, as well as the acendance of sites such as Linkedin and Face book deeply cut into visitors of the Elsmar website. In short, Elsmar is again a simple, sleepy, niche discussion forum that it was 15 to 20 years ago.

Types of Ads (List Being Developed)

If you're interested in advertising on Elsmar in the forum, please Contact Us.
Details such as potential ad locations and types cn be found in this directory.

Your ad people will probably know all about this stuff. Because of the probable low revnue, for example when specifying geo-targeting. I suggest that they read this description.


NOTE: Elsmar is a small forum and I do not have a head for "business" in the sense of making money.Fees are negotiable. The ad software does allow a lot of latitude, so technically an advertiser, if set up in the system, has a lot of control over various aspects (too many for me to want to type out here). See: AdsManager 2 Description.