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25 October 2018 - Free... ;)

The Elsmar Cove "Guide File" Sets
/Member Directories - Editable File Access

Over the years, I have.been asked to provide clients with training courses. Those of you who have been visiting the site for a while know that at its inception in 1995, starting out as (now the site was an 'open' site -- Everything was free. The precursors to these guide / course files were posted for several years and were available free of any charge. During 2001 I started charging for what I used to give away free to help offset the costs of keeping the forum and web site online.The 'Guides' listed here are derivatives of those courses. Partial files have been posted in the Elsmar Cove free pdf_files directory for a number of years. The complete source files for several are available for download. Note that these files are best utilized by your 'tailoring' them for you company and application.

These 'Guide Files' are available as.editable Master Data File Sets. The editable Master Data Files for these guides are mostly Microsoft.Office files. The main file is typically one or more Powerpoint file(s), however the guides have supporting forms and tables in Excel and Word. You can download.the master files and tailor them with your own ideas / needs and use them for your in-house training.

The Master Data Files
Feel free to copy slides from the presentations and put them into your presentations. Or - clean the file up and organize it like YOU want it and use it for the base of your in-house training program. No matter how you look at it - whether you have training to develop or you have a presentation to make on the topic, these master data files will save you many person hours.

Guide File Set Listing Premium and Member Restricted Directory Editable FileAccess are no longer for sale. They are now free!



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