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Paid Four Key Performance Indicators for Continual Improvement (Dec. 3 2019) 2019-11-08

"Henry Ford achieved proven world-class results with four key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive continual improvement: waste of the time of things (cycle time), waste of the time of people (motion inefficiency), waste of materials, and waste of energy. These KPIs encompass all seven wastes of the Toyota production system, and are easily understood and applied by all members of the organization."

Attendees will be able to take the learning objectives back to their organizations to train their workforces (and other stakeholders) to identify many forms of waste on sight. One of Henry Ford's strengths was his ability to teach an entire concept in one or two sentences, and to people without college educations. (Also Shigeo Shingo: he asked, for example, whether a paint spray booth's objective was to paint the parts or paint the air. Overspray was wasting paint and creating an environmental problem.)
Bill Levinson
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