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Free How Henry Ford Saves Men and Money 2019-11-01

How Henry Ford Saves Men and Money
The Story of a Trip Through The Ford Motor Company's Plant With the Man Who
Guided 50,000 Employees Through a Year of Work With Only One Fatal Accident.
By Louis Resnick. National Safety News, September 18, 1920

Extracted from the original by William A. Levinson The original material, including images, is in the public domain due to age (1922 or earlier). Highlighting and commentary in footnotes are (c) 2018. Disclaimer; nothing in this article constitutes formal engineering advice.
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This is very interesting. Adding up to my knowledge with regard to Ford Methodology especially on safety requirements.
An interesting bit of history re: Ford. Ford got ideas from many places, such as the assembly line which came from the meatpacking industry's "dis-assembly" process.
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