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Paid Identify Cost of Poor Quality to Improve the Bottom Line (webinar, Dec. 5 2019) 2019-11-07

"Benjamin Franklin, who originated many ideas we now recognize in lean manufacturing, wrote that "a penny saved is two pence clear." Similarly, the AIAG’s CQI-22: Cost of Poor Quality Guide shows that it is far more profitable to eliminate waste (muda) than to increase revenues. The same reference adds that the cost of poor quality is often 25% to 35% of a typical operating budget. If you learn how to recognize all these wastes, you can improve your bottom line without additional sales—although cost reductions and quality improvements will probably grow your sales as well. "

1 hour webinar; attendees will receive pdf copies of the slides and accompanying notes pages.
AIAG's CQI-22 is an excellent reference, by the way, although expensive for non-members. I think highly of AIAG's manuals and references.
Bill Levinson
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