Profound Statistical Concepts

Free Profound Statistical Concepts 2019-10-31

Too often quality practitioners and other engineers and scientists ignore the fundamental requirements of a study design that enable the use of p values and the null hypothesis approach to statistical studies. This renders the conclusions of the study unreliable at worst, at best it leads to confusion regarding what conclusions can be made.

Two case studies are presented that demonstrate the role of non-homogeneity in study designs. An analytic study approach is explained that makes Normality, the null hypothesis and p values irrelevant in industrial statistics. The approaches provided will help you to develop more productive and reliable study designs...

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This is definitely worth reading. (1) The normal distribution is far more common in textbooks than in real factories. (2) The non-homogeneity issue is another real world consideration--I may try my hand with the stacking fault example. It is important to consider this issue in designed experiments.
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