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  1. shimonv

    Contract Sterilization Service Providers

    Contract sterilisers must comply will the applicable standard for the service they provide, e.g. ISO 11135 for EyO sterilisation, and the general standard for QMS - ISO 13485. You can have a look at websites for contract sterilisers for benchmarking.
  2. Steve Prevette

    Software Quality Metrics

    It depends. As your mother may have said - if everyone else is jumping off the pier, do you have to also? "Benchmarking" can be very dangerous, leading the pack can lead to corporate success. It really comes down to is the corporation being successful as judged by its customers, the board of...
  3. B

    Document Approval Matrix Benchmarking

    Hello All - I am new to this group. I appreciate your constructive feedback and possible solutions. I am in the process of re-thinking how my company (Bio-Tech / ~1000 employees) handles our Document Approval Matrix. Currently we have it is a controlled document in our document management...
  4. M

    How to Benchmark? Is Benchmarking of any value? Seeking advice

    Exactly, the benchmarking also became the reason of improvement and innovation in many organizations.
  5. BeaBea

    Interesting Discussion Where Does Marketing/ Advertisement of Products fit in to ISO 9001?

    I agree to include them. Our company is all about recognition and making every person feel appreciated and worthy this also gives direction of responsibilities and gives goals and forecasts... I do have them included as being associated with customer follow up, surveys, and analytics! I just...
  6. qualprod

    Interesting Discussion Where Does Marketing/ Advertisement of Products fit in to ISO 9001?

    ...customers captured, monthly advertising, etc. Sure, it can be a process , I added this process in one organization. It can help in benchmarking the company. It is convenient to have it into the system, this way is audited under ISO and people in that process will feel the compromise to carry...
  7. John Broomfield

    What is Benchmarking?

    See if you and your crew can change all four wheels on your car as fast as a Formula 1 team. ...2.1 seconds. That is an example of benchmarking.
  8. Marc

    What is Benchmarking?

    Also see: Benchmarking definition Benchmarking is the practice of comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies. Dimensions typically measured are quality, time and cost. Benchmarking is used to measure performance using a...
  9. A

    AS9146 Implementation and Compliance

    ...designated storage areas for ladders, hoses. tool boxes and other work aids. 7. Industry feedback through lessons learned and benchmarking. See Reference Item 11 and Section 5.1. 8. Some agencies provide visual inspections upon job completion by designated "inspectors." 9. Personnel...
  10. M

    How to address and implement OH&S opportunities in ISO 45001:2018?

    I have a final exam to be a certified Lead Auditor 45001 and this information is helping already
  11. C

    Looking for simple Software Validation IQ templates.

    ...related software validation. I developed a document to serve as a guide bu I think I may be missing something and I am looking for benchmarking and improving my version. Do you have a separate checklist for equipment software validation? The one I developed is an IOQ CVS Template to be...
  12. DuncanGibbons

    Production Development Process APQP Methodology

    ...Industry" by D.Leite and M. Borsato 2009 highlights tools and methods that influence the quality of PDP such as DFMA, FMEA, DOE, Benchmarking etc which leads me to deduce that PDP and APQP are similar techniques, am I correct in saying this? How I currently view this is that PDP is the...
  13. G

    Design and development of user centric audit report visualisation tool to incorporate new standards, to increase the visualisation capabilities and to introduce the sharing of anonymised audit data for benchmarking. Unfortunate start-up story; we're struggling to get traction with the industry partners (ASQ/Exemplar Global and/or CQI/IRCA - they just don't...
  14. G

    DFMEA/PFMEA and SCCAF alignment

    ...the case for YCs. I understand boxer12 you have had a different experience. Hopefully our experience is helpful to you and others for benchmarking. This event deserves a thread of its own. I am not saying it is easy, but I would try to submit a new part price to the client based on the new...
  15. M

    Inputs on definition of very similar processes for multi site audit sample - IAF MD1 2018

    Hello All I am seeking some benchmarking info based on experience or your interpretation. It is in regard to: 4.6 of IAF MD 1 definition of "performing very similar processes/activities." Note: for multi site orgs. Our registrar is stating that we have different subgroups because they are...
  16. Marc

    FMEA as a Confidential Document - PPAP Level 3 - Can the FMEA be hidden?

    ...separate factory areas) for various special/confidential process areas. Every company decides what is confidential. That's one reason Benchmarking between companies can be a problem. This simply is not true, not withstanding something serious such as a government inquiry, and even there...
  17. Jim Wynne

    Seeking APQP project plan done in Microsoft Project / Poll on Web Data Collection

    Welcome to the Cove. You replied to a post from 15 years ago from a user who's no longer registered here. If you were to start a new thread with a description of what you're looking for, you might get useful replies. You can also click on "Attachment List" at the top of the screen and browse...
  18. S

    Seeking APQP project plan done in Microsoft Project / Poll on Web Data Collection

    Can you share the file for benchmarking. My mail id [email protected] Thanking you Venkatesh
  19. D

    Valeo 5 Axes and VPS (Production System)

    Dear all, for benchmarking purpose I'm looking to any information/material concerning the followings: - Valeo 5 Axes Strategy - Valeo Production System (VPS) - Valeo 5000 standard I would be grateful to anyone who would support me. If it would be easier to share this stuff privately just...
  20. B

    A Question about Continual improvement process in AS9100

    ...improvement examples: "Examples of continual improvement opportunities can include lessons learned, problem resolutions, and the benchmarking of best practices." What stands out to me is that this is an organizational joint effort. It is not something that one person can do alone. All...
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