1. Marc

    MPEE - Maximum Permissible Error for Length Measurement

    MPEE - Maximum Permissible Error for length measurement with regard to CMMs - See: MPEE
  2. K

    What does MIC, CMI and CLSQ stand for in the measurement software output?

    I got some results back for a drilled hole size and I got the following file with some values but I am not sure which ones to consider for hole size: MIC1[1,1] X 47.993302 48.000000 0.050000 0.050000 50 MIC1[1,1] Y -24.002334 -24.000000 0.050000 0.050000...
  3. G

    S.N.D. - What does abbreviation S.N.D. stand for on prints?

    May be somebody knows, what does abbreviation S.N.D. stand for? I found this abbreviation in the right corner of a drawing (in the table for filling out revisioins of changes).
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