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  1. D

    API Q1 Supplement Audit Format

    Hi, I want the supplementary audit format. I got non-conformance from API auditor. Can I use API audit report format for this ?
  2. G

    Start and main steps of API Q1 Certification Process

    Hi Everyone. I am working for the cementing manufacturing company. Now we are planning to get API Q 1 certification. Before I have experience in this but need to refresh. Can anybody help in this issue to me? Which point I have to start and main steps of certification. Thanks in Advance
  3. S

    Internal Auditing for API Spec Q1 - auditor qualification requirements

    I am qualified internal Auditor of IATF 16949:2016 .Can I do Internal Audit for API- Q1 . As we have Audit in next month. As I have recently join company. Whether I have to internal Audit Training for API-Q1 or not . Because In India which company provide internal Audit and Cost for it .
  4. S

    Can we integrate both ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1 Management System Standards

    Can we integrate for both Standard ISO 9001 :2015 and API Q1
  5. F

    API Spec Q1 Scope - Limiting the scope of certification

    Hello! First of all I am very thankful for this forum and for all the helpful people in the discussions, I learned a lot and found answers for my questions without the need of asking them. However there is one question I can't seem to find the answer despite excessive research on the internet...
  6. A

    API Q1 9th ed Addendum 2 - Vendor Assessment for critical products

    Hi everyone, I have a question and wish to get advice from you Section, API Q1 9th edition, Addendum 2 specified that: For purchase of critical products, components or activities, the initial evaluation of suppliers by the organization shall be site-specific for each supplier and shall...
  7. A

    API Spec Q1 9th Edition - 12 month Internal Audit Schedule Audit Nonconformance

    Hello all! I have recently participated in my re-certification audit for API Q1 9th edition. The following was first deemed an Observation then later upgraded to a minor NC. The finding is listed below. Keep in mind that we have identified 22 separate processes that need to be audited annually...
  8. J

    Use of External Documents in Product Realization

    Hello Everyone, I've recently completed a renewal audit for API Q1 and the only thing I have left to address is a lack of procedure for section 4.4.4 of Q1 (Use of External Documents in Product Realization). I'm not sure why I just can't seem to get my brain wrap around this, but does anyone...
  9. P

    Help with 8.5.1 regarding Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS's)

    We recently had an audit for ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1. We have our own process sheets (Weld Procedures) for each part number we run in our weld department. The initial first piece is cut and verified by our Metallurgist (We also have an in-house Induction HT department). We were cited for not...
  10. M

    API Monogram License for a Small Machine Shop

    We are a small machine shop that machine wellhead components per API 6A for large oil companies, such as FMC & Cameron. We are currently AS9100 certified and would like to Monogram components to 6A. Need help understanding what I will have to change in our QMS to comply with API Q1, also where...
  11. A

    Integrating API Spec Q1 with ISO 9001:2015

    Hi, Has anyone integrated the API Spec Q1,ninth edition QMS with ISO 9001:2015? Can anyone provide the correlation of API Spec Q1 with ISO 9001:2015? Please let me know what are the additional requirements to be carried out ?
  12. F

    Quality Manual Updates - ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1 9th Editition

    I am currently API certified to iso 9001:2008 and API Q1 9th edition. Right now, My quality manual mirrors the requirements of the Q1 manual, but with the new iso edition not sure how to approach this. Do I change my current Quality manual to match the new iso 2015 or do I keep my current manual...
  13. M

    API Q1 Certification Activation - Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting...

    Greetings to all! How long does API usually take to review Q1 Audit responses once a Company submits its formal replies? I'm the Quality Manager of a small, family-owned, yet very diversified Company that recently achieved certification to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C (without design). We wanted...
  14. J

    API Q1 (iii) Identifying how the supplied product conforms

    API Q1 (iii) Identifying how the supplied product conforms to stated requirements when limited by proprietary legal,and /or contractual arrangements Please Explain brifly. :2cents: Janakiraman.K
  15. J

    Add API Q1 & Q2 to Quality Management System Standards

    I know at one time API Q1was listed in the forum not sure where. Is there anyway way to have API Q1& Q2 listed under Quality System Standards?? My apologizes if it listed and I missed it :rolleyes:
  16. S

    API Q1 Approved Training & Professional Certification Sources

    Is there an API Q1 approved training course that is truly "certified" to make one an API professional ? I gained extensive ISO 9001 experience while working in the UK and have recently been appointed to work with a Houston based machine shop in order to transition from their current ISO 9001...
  17. D

    Control of Nonconforming product (5.10 API Q1)

    Hi All, I'm still quite new to the Quality Management world. Could someone give me some advice with regards to control of nonconforming product (5.10 API Q1) and improvement (6.4). Does anyone out there use one form to address both of these subjects or do you split them. I was intending on...
  18. J

    API Q1 Certification for Design and Development company

    Can an organization which is considered the corporate office with project and quality management and design & development only (product is a design package) become API Q1 certified?
  19. G

    API Q1 compliant Service Procedure example wanted

    Good day All, I have met some problems closing AARs raised by API Auditor. So, I have just noticed new AAR regarding service procedure. May be some of you has already met the same matter and could help to find example of service procedure API Q1 Many thanks in advance.
  20. lawcch

    Validation Processes of Production & Servicing - API Q1 clause

    hi, all anyone can share their experience on how to address the requirements specified in API Q1 clause a) to f) page 15. The requirements specified in Q1 are the exact wordings in ISO 9001 clause 7.5.2 page a) to e) there are 6 areas of validation processes: a) required...
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