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    Control of Records - API Q1 8th Edition Record Retention Requirements

    Hello, Our company is implementing ISO 9001:2008 API Q1 8th edition. I would appreciate some guidance with the following requirement. Control of Records - API Suppmental requirement "Records required by applicable industry product standards shall be retained for not less than the...
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    Can anybody help me to get knowledge about API (6A) certification

    Hi, Website is really very useful. Can anybody help me to get knowledge about API (6A) certification
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    API Q1 Compliant - Discard ISO 9001?

    Here's a question! If the company I'm working in is API Q1 compliant I would've thought that we were compliant with ISO 9001 with 'extras' as this is how it is laid out. But in the 8th edition I notice that it uses the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and not ISO 9001:2008. Does anyone know if...
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    Identifying Calibration on Small Tools (Measurement Equipment)

    I am implementing a new calibration program in my company. This company has been around for 110 years and we just began in Oct 09 implementing a quality system! Initially I went around the entire campus stickering and documenting every tool that would need calibration. I came across many tools...
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    Identifying Response Times for CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Actions)

    Hi guys, I am working on a dissertation at the moment, studying quality management (WHY WHY) ha ha. Anyway the standard I am working on is API Q1 and it asks that the organisation shall identify response times for addressing corrective action, preventive action and nonconformances. I'm a...
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    API Q1/ISO-TS 29001 Periodic Assessment of Stock

    I'm back on here AGAIN!!! Needing your help please. I'm trying to advise a company of how to become API Q1 compliant along with their ISO 9001 compliant manual. There are certain areas of this standard where it asks for things like periodic assessment of stock. The company uses stock such as...
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    API Q1 8th ed Clause 7.4 Purchasing - Purchasing Process (supplemental)

    Hi all, I'm doing my best but I'm back again for help. You've all been great so here goes.... purchasing process (supplemental) The organisation shall establish control features (documents I believe) for the purchasing process and supplier selection. Can I ask how any of you...
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    TS 29001/API spec Q1- help needed

    Hi guys, I really need help. Very inexperienced and this is my first big project! I have a manual which is ISO 9001 compliant. I'm trying to integrate API spec Q1 ed 8 and some of the terminology is so confusing. Trying to work with someone elses manual and understand this is killing me lol...
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    API Q1 Clause 7.1.1 Planning of Product Realisation

    Hi guys, I am totally lost here. It is the supplemental section that states: when product requirements are provided from external sources the organisation shall define the methods and shall establish control features used to translate these requirements into the product realisation...
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    API Q1 8th ed/ISO TS 29001 Maintaining Responsibility for Outsourced Processes

    I am trying to integrate API Q1 with an ISO 9001 compliant manual. The API spec asks for the company to maintain responsibility for product conformance when processes are outsourced. I was thinking that when you have a supplier assessment questionnaire this would be part of the system for this...
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    API Q1 - Definition 3.1.4 - Control Features

    Hi I could use a little help with this definition. Just trying to determine the level of documentation I need. 1. Is this the same as the ISO requirment for a 'documented procedure'? For example ISO 4.2.3 Control of Documents (requires a documented procedure). In this case you might see a...
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    API (American Petroleum Institute) Q1 - Anyone familiar with this standard?

    Hello All, As you can tell by my post numbers, I am new here, so please feel free to re-direct me if I am posting this in the wrong area. I am currently putting together an API Q1 manual and QMS in place for the company I work for. This is the first time I have done this, but I at least have...
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    How do I become a certified API Q1 eighth edition auditor in Asia

    Sirs, i have joined a group which is manufacuring oil feild equipmentand going to be certified by api for its product. Can anybody plz suggest me how can i be certified auditor of api q1 in asian continents. Regards moonlight
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    Adoption of ISO/TS 29001 or API Q1 - Oil Exploration Company

    Does anyone know how many / which of the prime oil companies mandate the above for suppliers? Reason for asking is that I am considering advising a start up company to adopt it - company is in the exploration end of the business and supplies services. I have already gained registration for a...
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    API Q1 Quality Manual / ISO 29001 - 7.3 - The need for "Control Features"

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a Q1 manual so my company can get 6D approval at our factory in china. Problem is we don't do design and development but according to Q1 we need "control features" for it. How do I address this in my Q manual? There is an old post with a sample Q1 manual I...
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    API (American Petroleum Institute) Spec Q1 Manual - Looking for samples

    Hello,ım new in forum,and new engineer,im working in valve manifacturer that is faf valve in Turkey.We working to take a api 6d certificate.iso 9001 certificated.Primarily we shall take a spec q1.First of all,They want to quality manual.i didnt find seventh edition spec q1 quality manual.Some...
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    Control Feature - Definition as per API Q1

    I'm making a API-Q1 manual from an existing 9001 manual. From the sample Q1 i have I see the addition of "control features" for almost every clause. How is a control feature different from a record? Or is it the same and Q1 requires the record where as ISO only suggests. Ugh baffled...
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    Companies in Europe who provide for courses to become an API Q1 auditor/assessor

    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate topic but I would like to know if there are any companies in Europe who provide for courses to become an API Q1 auditor/assessor. I currently hold an ISO 9001 lead assessor qualification, but figured that an API auditor qualification will add value...
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    API Q1 Quality Manual Example - Trying to convert an existing ISO 9001 QMS

    I am trying to "convert" an existing ISO 9000 thype QM to comply with API Q1. Does anyopne have an example of a Q1 manual that has been approved by API
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    Question about API Q1 - Can Design be Excluded?

    Dear colleagues in the Quality field. I saw this site which I think that is very very interesting and helpfull for all of us. I work for a company which apply for registering ISO 9001-2000 and API Q1, in the same time. The problem we have is that our company doesn't has a design department and...
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