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approved supplier list (asl)

  1. K

    ISO 9001:2015 AVL - New Chinese standards requiring all testing of materials be done in China

    Has anyone had experience with these new Chinese standards requiring all testing of materials to be performed in approved Chinese Labs only? I'm trying to figure out how to approve these labs as a supplier as they will not send any documentation but we HAVE to use them to continue business in...
  2. Q

    AS9120B Clause External Providers Scope of Approval

    We just went through our AS9120B upgrade audit and got a non-conformance on Clause The organization has not fully maintained a register of external providers that includes the scope of approval. We had our approved external providers listed as Supplier (distributors), Vendor (repair...
  3. S

    Should Training Service providers be included in AVL?

    We are having a big debate in our organization if training service providers should be included in the Approved Vendor List (AVL)? These training service providers are the ones who certify our internal auditors. Can I know what others do in this regard? Thank you!
  4. GStough

    When Is It OK to Remove a Defunct Supplier From the AVL/ASL?

    We're in the process of cleaning up our AVL and have come across a few suppliers who are no longer in business. My question is this: When is it acceptable to remove them from the AVL and how should that be done? Our AVL is not a controlled document, and therefore, does not require a change...
  5. L

    Do HR consultants need to be on Approved Supplier List?

    Hi there! This is my first post I work for a manufacturing company that is ISO 9001 and just recently I have been given the task of handling the approved supplier list. There has been some debate over how consultants should be approved for our approved supplier list. Specifically, consultants...
  6. S

    Supplier Evaluations of a wide range of suppliers and different products

    Hy everyone, I work in a automotive dedicated company, certified to ISO/TS 16949. i'm from the purchasing side, in charge of suppliers relations/development. We have a wide range of supplier like all the other companies have, but my concern is related to the aspect of suppliers evaluation &...
  7. P

    Qualification of pest control service in a "virtual manufacturer"

    We are a specification developer that designs a product used to take measurements of certain health statistics, (blood pressure, pulse, weight, etc.), with placement primarily in retail locations. Other than Design Control, Risk Management, & some R&D for future development, we have outsourced...
  8. D

    Is a separate spreadsheet required for the ASL (Approved Supplier List)?

    Hi guys, I tried to find related topics but was unsuccessful, so hopefully I am not opening a new thread on a topic that has been exhausted already. I am trying to get our company away from using an excel spreadsheet for our ASL. We have a pretty robust MRP system (JobBoss) and all the...
  9. T

    Do Machine Service Contractors Need to be an Approved Supplier?

    We just went through our Stage 2 ISO 9001:2008 registration audit the other day and received a Minor Non Conformance for not having our Machine Service Contractors on our Approved Supplier List; referring specifically to the contractors we have perform our annual Preventive Maintenance on our...
  10. C

    Vendor Self-Survey to Qualify Vendors/Suppliers - AVL Question

    We utilize a Vendor Self-Survey to qualify vendors, and we have 4 categories of vendors, i.e., "Distributor", (doesn't make anything sells "catalog" items), "Supplier" (Makes their own product, but still sell "cataloged" items, i.e. nothing "custom"), and "Contractor" (makes material to OUR...
  11. S

    Vendor Control for Customer Designated Supplier

    Our registrar for ISO 9001 is giving us a finding for not having a vendor on our ASL. We have a customer that requires us to use a vendor, McMaster, that will not complete a supplier survey. As they have not completed the survey after continual pestering (for years) we removed them from the ASL...
  12. R

    Aerospace QPL Suppliers not meeting our AVL requirements.

    We are an aerospace 3rd tier supplier. We are on QPLs for most of the primes. We find our suppliers on the same QPLs. We do periodic evaluations, and we send surveys out to those suppliers on our AVL. Some are not performing to the requirements we have for being on our AVL. Mostly they don't...
  13. S

    AS9100 Approved Supplier List (ASL) Requirements

    We recently finished our AS9100 re-cert audit and got sited for ordering from a supplier that was not on our ASL. My question is, what is the requirement for approving suppliers who's product / service has nothing to do with the finished part. The one that we got nailed for was MSC, which I was...
  14. S

    Observation - Uncontrolled Document (Cheat Sheet)

    Observation: A purchasing manager maintains a list of approved suppliers. This list is very large and contains much contact information and was properly controlled. The manager had created a concise "cheat sheet" which contained only the names of the approved suppliers to which he daily referred...
  15. B

    Supplier Evaluation for ISO 9001 Clause 7.4.1

    Dear all, I have a discuss with "Supplier" for ISO9001:2008 (7.4.1) I understand supplier mean who are support all thing related quality. e.g Raw Material, calibration etc. Question is some supplier e.g. stationary (Pen, Table) shall be registered to...
  16. M

    ISO 13485 Calibration Supplier Evaluation Requirements question

    Dear experts, For ISO 13485 requirement, do you know if the suppliers of equipment calibration must be evaluated and listed in "approved vendor list" in accordance with clause 7.4.1? As I know, just material/component and subcontractor need to do this. But the auditor of NB said "Yes" when...
  17. S

    Is it acceptable to have an ASL for Critical suppliers alone?

    I have a question around the Approved Supplier List (ASL) in an ISO 13485 and a medical device world. During one of the supplier audits, I found that they track only their Critical suppliers in the ASL and do not cover the non critical suppliers. Is this acceptable from FDA and ISO 13485...
  18. L

    What to look for in a Vendor (Supplier) Evaluation for AVL

    What are you guys looking for when during an evaluation on vendors to be added to the AVL list? We have an evaluation form which ask about 5 or 6 questions, one being is to supply their quality manual. Doesn't seem to me that we are asking the right questions? What reasons do you not approve...
  19. N

    Which Suppliers Belong on my AVL (Approved Vendor List)?

    Hello All - I have been through alot of customer and registrar audits and one issue that came up was that certain suppliers were not on our AVL. I was told time and time again by my Registrar that any supplier that provides something to the company that could affect the quality of the product...
  20. P

    Purchase Orders for Service Lead Company

    Hi everyone, Just wondering how you would deal with this: We are a service lead company, and as such, do not order in any stock to sell on to our customers. The only thing we do "purchase" is services again, from our nominated sub contractors. We are a very small business, and our sub...
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