as9100 revision d (2016)

  1. L

    AS9100 D- Handling Nonconformance Documentation for an organization that outsources most of the work.

    I am looking for a bit of help with the required procedure for controlling nonconformances as defined in section 8.7 fo the AS9100 standard. Our organization if fairly unique in that we outsource almost ALL of chapter 8. 1. We outsource the vast majority of Design & Development 2. We outsource...
  2. F

    AS9100 D - Verification of purchased product - Sheet metal and aluminum extrusion stock

    We purchase sheet metal and aluminum extrusion stock and we accept the material at incoming based on the supplier c of c. Our AS auditor says that does not satisfy the requirement of the standard. The auditor says our receiving or incoming inspector must review the materials composition sheet...
  3. A

    A Question about Continual improvement process in AS9100

    Greetings, Recently at a job interview,i've been asked how i was planning to improve their system by using AS9100 standard if i'm hired.I thought the question was too broad and asked to interviewer to elaborate,but she didnt give me any more details and now she expects a presentation about...
  4. Prashant G

    AS9100 Requirement - Verification of characteristics results with drawing requirements

    Every standard talks about verification of characteristics results with drawing requirements,but can someone advice with the help of AS9100 do we required to write down all the results for all characteristics?
  5. A

    Definition of "Sensitive Products" Clause 8.5.4 (c) in AS9100 Rev. D

    We were recently given a minor nonconformance from a customer against clause 8.5.4(c). The auditor interprets the "special handling and storage of sensitive products" as chemicals (such as epoxy or adhesive). In my 13 years of AS9100 auditing, it has always been audited as product, such as ESD...
  6. J

    Control of nonconforming product issue (AS91000)

    Here's my issue. I work at a plastic injection / CNC machine shop. A few years ago when we were getting ready to conform to AS9100C and receive our first audit, the solution we were given by our consultant to address the need for control of nonconforming product was to build a type of cage that...
  7. R

    Configuration Management in AS9100

    Can anyone elaborate about configuration management. which process need to launch and how to maintain it?
  8. M

    AS9100D Competence and Training Records - X-Ray

    I am conducting an internal audit of our AS9100D QMS. Since you must have a record of training, must the training form be a released document in your QMS or can it reside outside the system? This is for a special process, X-Ray. The completed record is being retained as evidence of training, it...
  9. P

    Design exclusion in AS9100D for commercial products

    We are a small machining manufacturer that is registered to AS9100D. We make both commercial products (we call them low risk) and AS9100D qualified products (high risk) to the customer print. Up to now we have not designed products. We have commercial customers that want to purchase some simple...
  10. Sidney Vianna

    Informational AS13100 A - Delegated Product Verification Training Requirements

    AS9100 Rev. D § 8.4.2 stipulates the following in connection with delegated verification activities: SAE developed the AS13100 Rev. A Standard - Delegated Product Verification Training Requirements. The good news are: the standard is available for free download. The bad news are: according to...
  11. howste

    Merging sites on one AS9100 certificate - expiration date?

    We recently merged two other company sites into our AS9100 QMS. We are certified to AS9100D with a certificate expiring in January 2021. The other two sites are also certified to AS9100D on one certificate expiring in January 2020. We just completed a surveillance audit including all three...
  12. N

    AS9100 8.5.1 j) - Lot splitting - any loopholes?

    8.5.1 j) the accountability for all products during production (e.g., parts quantities, split orders, nonconforming product); I'm the new guy on the block, in a shop that just went to AS9100, and today I found a batch of 20 pieces shipping with a traveler for 40 pieces. The shipping guy says...
  13. N

    Claiming exemptions (N/A) in AS9100D - what is the methodology and location?

    Lucky me ... just began with a new outfit that recently transitioned from 9001:2008 to AS9100D. I'm informed that this make-to-order outfit does not do design, but I don't see any such statement on the certificate. It's implied in the the scope which only states " Manufacture of blah blah and...
  14. A

    AS9100 D Counterfeit Prevention Program - We just service parts

    Hello! Our company does not make parts, we just service parts (plating, e-polish, cleaning) and have no way of knowing if the parts we service are counterfeit. Would this clause still apply to us? Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. S

    Do we need separate stand alone procedure for Suspect Unapproved Parts?

    Hi, Do we need separate stand alone procedure for Suspect Unapproved Parts to satisfy AS9110 clause 8.1.5, provided if all requirements covered under various organization processes!
  16. pcoltsqe

    Dual AS9100 and AS9110 certification

    Hi, I am about to write a report to corporate regarding our new facilities certification and whether they should consider AS9110 accreditation. Existing site is accredited to AS9100D, the new facility is not yet included into the scope. Basic scope of new facility: Maintenance, Repair and...
  17. S

    IAQG guidelines for AS9100 report writing

    Dear All, Is there any IAQG guidelines for AS9100 report writing other than the instructions given at the end of each Form. Some of the reviewers ask for writing the history of organization, type and number of machines etc,.
  18. K

    Document Numbering (Identification) System

    I'm in the process of restructuring our document numbering system. Right now we have QCWF- (Name of Document). I think it's silly I want to change procedures to P001 and so on, Forms to F001 and so on, Work Instructions to WI001 and so on. We have a lot of other documents that don't...
  19. K

    Which clause would best fit this Nonconformance? (Supplier Related)

    Hello! I am an internal auditor to an organization that is certified to ISO 9001:2015, IATF16949:2016, and AS9100D:2016. I wont go into the specifics, but, we test some of our supplier product through the use of a spectrometer. When covering receiving inspection for all three standards...
  20. M

    FAI AS9102 - What does a First Article Inspection cover?

    Hello, can someone enlighten me to what exactly a First Articular Inspection Report covers? Do I need a 100% inspection performed for the form # 3? Also, what rev are we up ti with regards to the form 9102? Thank you!
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