as9100 revision d (2016)

  1. M

    FAI AS9102 - What does a First Article Inspection cover?

    Hello, can someone enlighten me to what exactly a First Articular Inspection Report covers? Do I need a 100% inspection performed for the form # 3? Also, what rev are we up ti with regards to the form 9102? Thank you!
  2. S

    GM/VP softgrading internal audit finding - need feedback from an audit guru!

    Hello, I need a question answered by an auditing guru- we a a contract manufacturer, that performs our QMS internal audits under AS9100D, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 QMS guidelines. One of the auditors noted a nonconformance finding, but our GM/VP overruled this nonconformance finding and...
  3. M

    AS9100 - Where to start - Small company (10 employees) and I am the Quality Dept.

    Hello! This is my first post and its a doosie! I work for a small company(10 employees) and I am the Quality Dept. I have been tasked with readying the company for the Aerospace standard. Looking for any suggestions from the group as to where do I start? I know I can buy templates of...
  4. S

    General Awareness Training for AS9100 Rev.D

    My employer has asked me to develop general awareness training for all levels of the firm, for AS-9100-D. I have read the standard including its notes and appendices. The request sounds like a tall order & rather unwieldy! Has anyone here produced similar AS-0100-D general awareness training?
  5. D

    KPI's Data for Customer Service

    Just completed my AS9100D recertification audit. One of my auditors was ok with my metrics for the Customer Service Process. We were measuring OTD to the customer. The LEAD auditor flatly refused to allow OTD as a measurable because "it is not a top-line metric and it can be influenced by other...
  6. M

    AS9100d Controlling External Provided Processes (purchasing 8.4)

    What is the actual requirements for controlling external Providers? We have a customer that for one part number, which will probably never be made again, the customer want us to use supplier X. To the best of our knowledge, this will be the only time we use this vendor. Per the standard...
  7. Q

    Interaction of Processes IOP NCR

    Hello QA Pros, AS9100D requirement 4.4 requires an org to "shall" determine the processes needed for the quality management system and their application throughout the organization....etc.. We identified our company process needed for our QMS as follows : Engineering, Purchasing, Sales...
  8. C

    AS9100 8.3.5.e Design and Development Outputs - Key Characteristics / Critical Items

    Hi All, I have a question about Key Characteristics / Critical Items. How would these typically be identified on a drawing? A symbol of some sort? Any measurement within a specific tolerance (+/- 0.0005")? Also, what constitutes Key Characteristics / Critical Items? I know how the...
  9. Mikishots

    Defined - Definition and meaning of "defined"

    With respect to AS9100D Clause, there is a requirement to define data protection processes. While our IT group is very much included in our audit that contains review of document and record control (as we almost exclusively have a paperless system), this requirement has them asking...
  10. pcoltsqe

    AS9100 - The statement 'applicable statutory and regulatory requirements'

    Hi all, Just a general post. I am interested to hear anybody's view on the statement 'applicable statutory and regulatory requirements'. What is applicable? I was asked recently if equality act is applicable to the QMS and it took me back for a minute. Is this applicable? does this effect...
  11. pziemlewicz

    Interesting Topic Addressing Human Factors in Corrective Action

    In a recent AS9100D audit, I received one minor NCN: Need to better document how we're reviewing/addressing human factors within the corrective action process. Does anyone have a suggestion of something that works? Has someone seen a customer corrective action request form with an area to...
  12. J

    AS9100 - Working Outside of Scope of Certification

    We are a small machine shop that is AS9100 certified. We also recently began performing fabrication work. However, fabrication is not listed under our scope. As long as we do not state that our fabrication work is AS9100 certified, there should be no problems when the auditor comes around...
  13. M

    Informal Corrective Actions - AS9100DCl. 10.2.1 A-H

    I am looking to put into a corrective action procedure the ability to do an 'informal corrective action' (I cannot think of a better term). The concept behind this is not every problem that arises needs a formal documented corrective action and someone can fix the problem without spending time...
  14. P

    How To Transition From AS9100c to AS9100 Rev. D

    Good afternoon. I have visited Elsmar for many years and used the valuable tools offered to improve my work experiences and those of the people around me. I hoping for more assistance and words of wisdom today as well. I have been the Quality Manager for 5.5 years here at a small machine shop...
  15. C

    AS9100D / Calibration of Employee Owned Measuring Equipment

    Can anyone offer insight into how other companies are handling Employee Owned Measuring Tools? It seems like our auditors are favoring that all measuring tools (The Company’s tools as well as the Employee’s) be controlled and calibrated – No Reference Tools allowed. Is this really a...
  16. A

    CAR from 3rd party AS9100D auditor - Root cause dilemma

    Short explanation. Had transition AS9100D audit, finished last Friday. We had not audited to the new standard. Received a minor nonconformance for not auditing to the new standard. Internal CA issued for me to address. I am the audit coordinator. Last year, January thru May, our Quality...
  17. A

    What does a good business practice Process Audit look like for AS9100D?

    Hello, We currently are going through our surveillance audit for AS9100D upgrade. Yesterday, she examined our internal audits. Our previous way of doing process audits did incorporate the use of a checklist but not with yes/no answers - answers required had to be more in depth. Since the...
  18. J

    AS9100D - Good ways to document an internal audit plan / schedule

    Help. Any good ideas for a good way to document a internal audit plan / schedule? I have 16 processes to audit. What program should I use to create something to show what is audited and when and by who? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  19. Q

    AS 9100D internal auditor training requirements

    Must internal auditors need to be trained on AS9100D to conduct internal audits, even if they are ISO 9001-2015 trained? or is it that the auditor has to be competent.
  20. R

    AS 9100D internal audit checklist

    Can anyone please share AS 9100D Internal Audit checklist.
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