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  1. D

    Yet another torque question... Assembly processes

    There have been many discussions concerning torque tools and their care and feeding and calibration. We are having a different discussion, so if this has been covered please point me in the right direction. Otherwise, here we go... We have assembly processes here that have a requirement to...
  2. N

    Process Flow diagram steps for inspection and packaging

    Hi greetings. I'm currently revising a Process flow for a assembly process in the automotive industry as a tier 1. I have looked for guidelines or an official manual but I haven't found any, just a brief mention of it in the aiag ppap manual, is there any one you have found and you...
  3. K

    ESD Protection in the Assembly Bay

    Hello, Just checking some clarification point on how to ensure the ESD protection during integration testing in the assembly bay? Can anyone please advise? Thanks in advance! Karthika.cs
  4. W

    Design and Development, and Assembly Process Quality Metrics

    1) We are a projects company with design and production being our major processes . Production is limited to assembly/integration (as all other manufacturing is outsourced). Can anyone share what they use for quality metrics for these processes? 2) Management wants to set up a methodology...
  5. R

    Approving a New Hand Assembly Line at a Supplier

    Hello! We ordered some jigs, presses and a tester machine (complete hand assy line for assembling plastic parts together and checking if the assembly is correct)from our supplier and we are going to check and approve it on next week I would like to run the line for at least a couple of...
  6. P

    How to Reduce or Eliminate Inspection on an Assembly Line

    At present i am working on project to reduce inspection work by implementing some use full quality tools, Can some one share their ideas.
  7. glade

    Recommend a good book on Assembly Line Design

    Hi All I've just moved from bashing lumps of metal (fabrication), to screwing things together (assembly) and the processes are somewhat different! Can anyone reccomend a good book on assembly line design... I've been reading some previews online and have found "Lean Assembly" which...
  8. C

    Cycle Time Limitation - Conveyor Assembly Line Manual Work

    Hello all; I'm working as methods engineer. I've a problem in tracking operator tempo for fixed assembly boards. At assembly line conveyor operators adjust themselves according to conveyor speed and there exists no problem with cycle. But at fixed board, operator doesn't know whether he has to...
  9. C

    Assembly Line Organization 17% Startup Loss - SMED (LCD TVs)

    Hello; I'm working as TPM / Production Engineer and focusing on loss types in manufacturing. We've got 11 assembly lines and 2 shifts producing LCD Tv's. When we analyze the production amounts hour by hour, we clearly see that there is %17 startup loss in the mornings. What may be the...
  10. M

    Correlation Production Time Study on a Process on an Assembly Line

    Hi I am a recent graduate Industrial Engineering doing a production time studies on a process on an assembly line, my data does not make sense i have 3 variables perimeter,square footage and sewing times. Which is a better property to use square footage or perimeter vs sewing times?.The problem...
  11. Ajit Basrur

    How to Improve Quality Consciousness of Operators?

    I would like to know what is being done by others to improve the quality consciousness amongst the assembly line operators ?
  12. J

    Auditing PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Assembly Lines - Fire And Safety Systems

    Hi I am new to this. I need sopme guidance. The company I work for is approved to ISO 9001 2000. They manufacture fire and safety systems. This means the populate PCB's. They have different manufacturing lines which populate differnt PCB's which get builti into one larger PCB which then...
  13. A

    Ergonomic Evaluation Checklist for our Machine Shop and Engine Assembly Line.

    I have to do the Ergonomic Evaluation of the activities carried out in our Machine Shop and Engine Assembly Line. Does any body have some checksheet/guidline to carryout this evaluation?
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