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aviation sector

  1. supadrai

    Aviation MRO Project facility coming to U-Tapao airport in Thailand - Help

    You haven't got rid of me yet! The law firm I joined just landed a big project for the new MRO facility coming to U-Tapao airport in Thailand. Where do I begin? :-)
  2. A

    How to become Certified CVE for Part 21J in Shortest Time

    Dear friends,:notangel: i am in urgent needs to know about how to get certification in CVE (Certification Validation Engineer), I am Aeronautical Engineer working as Project and Process Development Engineer for one of the top middle east airline, there is good opportunities is a opportunity in...
  3. A

    Tailored ISO 9001:2008 for DLA (AS9100) (AS9003)

    Hello All, I am new here so please correct to the right forum if I'm in the wrong place. We are US Government surplus supplier. We have about 11000 line items on hand at any moment. We have been a commercial supplier for almost 20 years. We are not certified in ISO 9100. We are compliant...
  4. I

    Is there a Canadian Aviation Regulations discussion forum?

    I am looking for a forum where I can discuss Canadian Aviation Regulations. I am foucused on CARs 561, 571 & 573. Asking our TCCA PMI doesn't always seem appropriate. Any forums out there for CARs? Any help would be appreciated.:thanx:
  5. Marc

    Airbus submits patent application for windowless jet cockpit

    Didn't know what forum to put this in. Interesting patent. I doubt I'll be alive to see a windowless cockpit.
  6. D

    AS9101, Revision E is available for Purchase

    This notification is to inform you that document: AS9101E - Quality Management Systems Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations has been published. Visit if you would like additional details. \n \nTo purchase this document, visit...
  7. K

    What is the easiest way to certificate new navigation equipment? by ETSO?

    I have a simple question, but the answer seems harder to find than i thought: What is the easiest way to certificate new navigation equipment? by ETSO? EASA states that using an ETSO is a way, but not the only way. What are the other possibilities? kind regards, Kenny
  8. N

    Overwhelmed starting a new aviation related business

    Folks please be patient with me! I will try my best to make a long story short. I am a newly retired from the private aviation business. I used to be pilot, safety pilot, chief pilot then the last 10 years was in different management positions within the aviation industry. Out of boredom but...
  9. S

    Aviation Parts Design Subcontractor Assessments - Example forms, etc. wanted

    We are a new company that will produce aviation parts. We are in the period of getting certifications. We are giving some of the design acvities to our sub-contractors. I am looking for assesment questionaries and forms for design subcontractor assessment. Does anybody have some examples. Thanks
  10. S

    Advice for preparation of ADOA and POA audits - What are the most critical points?

    We are a new company that has applied for ADOA and POA for aviation seating systems. Our experience is on automotive seating systems. Therefore we are new to aviation concepts and aviation way of leaving regarding to applicable systems (quality, design, manufacturing). Can anyone has any...
  11. A

    24hr Worldwide Air Traffic Simulation

    Fascinating 24 hour worldwide air traffic simulation condense to 1:11. I've watched it a couple of times already, it is very interesting. Another interesting air traffic video: FedEx
  12. C

    FAA/PMA Part Marking Requirements

    I work for an injection molding facility that manufactures parts for Boeing. Occasionally, we are asked by aftermarket suppliers for some of the parts we are on contract to make for Boeing. Our contract states that we are not authorized to sell parts off the Boeing owned tools to a third...
  13. W

    How to write an EASA 145 Quality Manual

    :) Hello, gentlemen My company will apply for the EASA Part 145 certificate. now, our company is writing MOE. Next, we will write quality manual. I want to know whether it is any user guide for writing quality manual? wanglin
  14. C

    Aircraft Certification System Evaluation Program (ACSEP) Audit - Who can trigger it?

    Fellow Covers, Who can trigger an Aircraft Certification System Evaluation Program audit, the FAA or the manufacturer ? I do know is mandatory. :thanks:
  15. J

    Aviation Distributor Supplier Performance

    I work for an aviation distributor. We have a process in place to measure our suppliers performance (NCRs & on-time delivery) and have established a critera for the point at which suppliers require corrective action. The problem I'm facing is this: I run the NCR reports for our suppliers...
  16. P

    EASA 145 (145.A.30) Man Hour Plan for Quality Monitoring

    Hi - I am looking for some advice regarding EASA145 (145.A.30) - I am being asked for a Man-Hour plan to demonstrate there is sufficient resource available for compliance monitoring of EASA requirements. I have never been asked for this previously, and neither has the previous quality manager...
  17. R

    FAA Part 145 Vs. AS9110A Comparison and Differences Matrix

    Hello all, I am new to this forum but have seen a ton of great knowledge and information thus far. I have a question of sorts. I work for an FAA Repair Station (located in the US) and am currently looking at AS9110A Certification. Has anyone done a matrix that compares the two that I may be able...
  18. A

    Can an EASA approved MRO release (EASA release) a non EASA registered Aircraft?

    Hi all, Can an EASA approved MRO release (EASA release) a non EASA registered Aircraft ? If No, why ? & if yes, what the MRO should take into consideration to ensure the release is proper. would appreciate your elaboration.
  19. U

    The difference between ?Aircraft Return to Service? and ?Aircraft Airworthiness"

    The difference between “Aircraft Return to Service” and “Aircraft Airworthiness" Hi guys, What the difference between “aircraft return to service” and “aircraft airworthiness release” after accomplishment of maintenance or inspection work? thanks
  20. J

    Writing FAA Certification Plans - Compliance of the Design to the applicable FARs

    Does anyone have any experience in writing Certification Plans?
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