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  1. I

    Who owns your Competence, Awareness and Training process?

    ISO-9001 requires that companies address CA&T, but I'm wondering what group within your organizations past or present actually owns that process? Is it your HR team? Operations? Or do you have a separate Training group who owns it?
  2. J

    Training Personnel on the QMS - 7.3 Awareness or Competence

    Hi In regards to training personnel specifically on how QMS processes are addressed (QMS policies, written procedures, instruction, records, tags, forms, quarantine, etc.), would this be classified under 7.3 c) - contribution to effectiveness of the QMS, or 7.2 Competence? I see it...
  3. M

    Complying with AS9100 D Section 8.4.3 m. Ensuring that persons are Aware of...

    Section AS9100 D Section 8.4.3 adds a bunch of new requirements. For starters, how are you folks planning to comply with 8.4.3.m The organization shall communicate to external providers its requirements for: m. ensuring that persons are aware of: - their contribution to product or service...
  4. Marc

    Awareness - Definition in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

    Awareness is an employee knowing and understanding requirements applicable to their job. Please help add to this definition.
  5. S

    Evidence of Competence, Training and Awareness

    Hello everyone... Kindly help me as i am a newbies in this world...working in a consulting company, whose main job is providing consultant to different organizations. Besides they also do the designing Job. So I as far as my knowledge we can Provide their CVs as an evidence to for the...
  6. A

    Quality Awareness Communications through Internal TVs

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right section for the topic but here I go. We have an internal TV system that is used to spread information over all the employees from shoppfloor to Office (like small presentations with info). The info could be about KPIs... Safety suggestions; Energy...
  7. G

    What is needed to show competency Clause 6.2.2

    Afternoon all, What do i need to show to ensure that clause 6.2.2 Competence, training and awareness is covered? We currently have: Staff competency assessments Training Matrix showing training given and/or previous training Evidence of training with regards to the QMS Plans to...
  8. F

    Quality Awareness Sessions - Seeking Ideas and Presentation Material

    As The quality assurance manager in a Telecom vendor company, I have been asked to hold quality awareness sessions to educate the field engineers and support employees on the importance of quality. I need help on how to go about. PPT and ideas will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance :confused:
  9. K

    Staff Awareness of the Importance of their Activities - ISO 9001 Clause 6.2.2d

    ISO 9001 section 6.2.2d requires organisations to maintain records of evidence that staff are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives. The usual sources of evidence most of us would cite to satisfy this...
  10. S

    Corrective Actions Awareness Enhancement

    Hello :) I was wondering to what extent and how do you people suggest to "advertise" (increase staff awareness ) the corrective actions taken in the organisation? Basically the way we perform corrective actions is that when theres a problem the quality team requests from directly...
  11. F

    ISO 9001 Clause 6.2.2.a Competence, Training, and Awareness Requirements

    Hi, Our company has defined the competencies required for all of the positions except for top management. Do we really have to 'determine the necessary competence' (6.2.2.a) for the CEO and the Vice-Presidents? Do we need to maintain records of, say, the CEO and the Vice President's...
  12. P

    ISO 13485 Competence, Awareness and Training Requirements

    Dear Sirs, ISO 13485 says we shall a) determine the necessary competence for personnel performing work affecting product quality, b) provide training or take other actions to satisfy these needs, c) evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken, We do conduct training on both...
  13. S

    Competence Awareness and Training - ISO 9001 Clause 6.2.2 d) - How to do

    Clause 6.2.2 d) ensure that its personnel are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives, and I am wondering how do you guys do with this requirement for the awareness of personnel? We all know there can be...
  14. S

    Awareness Tips & Quotes for Quality Management System

    Dears, We are certified for 3 systems QMS, ISMS & EMS. i have planned for sending weekly Awareness tips & quotes for my employees. i found there are lots of tips and quotes for EMS & ISMS but the QMS i did not find. Highly appreciate if anyone is aware of such request help in gathering...
  15. somashekar

    Top Management and Competence, Awareness, Training

    There is a very important word in the clause 5 of the ISO 9001; TOP MANAGEMENT. Who is your Top management ? One person say the MD or CEO ., Board of Directors., A Top Management Team., .... ? How deep is their understanding about the ISO9001 standard, the 2008 release. Have they been trained...
  16. N

    All-or-Nothing Rating System - Internal Audit Checklist - ISO 9001

    How, exactly, is internal audit rated? Counting number of non-conformities and rating auditees turns out to be difficult to define precisely (we've been arguing about it in the office for years). Our Audit Checklist summarizes requirements of ISO 9001 and our organization's own standards and...
  17. J

    Ensuring contractor competency - 4.4.2 Training, awareness, and competency

    Maybe someone here can help me with this question. Our 14001 auditor is pretty hung up on 4.4.2 “Training, awareness, and competency.” In addition to making sure all contractors coming in have agreed to follow our environmental regulations and policies, we are supposed to have records that...
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