1. K

    QMS Improvement - Analyze the systemic weaknesses of the QMS for improvement purpose

    Hello Cove members, Appreciate some reference explanation for the below : 1. If i would like to analyze the systemic weaknesses of the QMS for improvement purpose, how shall i start? 2. How could i perform benchmark and system process mapping to validate and identify best practices for the...
  2. M

    Benchmarking Process Data - Man-day calculation gone wrong

    Man-day calculation gone wrong Dear all, whilst looking at improving a process I have used the following criteria; 1 working day = 7hrs = 420mins Number of items processed = 1600 Time taken to process items = 7 months Process time for 1 unit = 66minutes 1600*66 = 105600/420 = 251 man-days...
  3. M

    What is Benchmarking?

    Can anyone tell me about this?
  4. S

    Bench Marking Automated Data Collection

    I am a Automotive Metal Stamper. We have 22 presses ranging from 100 tons to 1,200 tons that run over 400 different dies. Each part has a specific set of operator gages used to monitor dimensions. There are close to 6,000 gages currently in use. They are a combination of go/no-go gages...
  5. M

    Benchmarking - Timely Closure of Corrective Actions

    I am trying to get a good benchmark from other companies on how long it takes you to fully close a corrective action with effective actions. I am looking at two specific area: Customer rejections and system nonconformances from internal/external audits. Please comment on your...
  6. L

    Oil Field Bearing Production PPM Standard

    Hi guys, my company manufactures oilfield bearing products. Today, as I was doing some NCR trackings and was calculating the PPM of our products, I then realized I have no idea what is consider "good" as PPM standard for our products. our average is at around 10000PPM Out of 51000 products...
  7. R

    ISO 14001 - EH&S Reporting Structure & Products and Process

    So I have one question that hopefully has a short answer.... I'm looking for some data for benchmarking. 1) Who does your EH&S manager report to in your management structure?
  8. M

    Tell me about Benchmarking

    Hi every one,Can any one tell me about benchmarking
  9. Marc

    General Motors - 3D Scanning the Competition

    General Motors - 3D Scanning the Competition
  10. R

    Manufacturing Documentation in Pharmaceutical Environment

    hi I am looking for some benchmarking information. How do you handle manufacturing documents in Pharmaceutical environment - it is stored as hard copies or microfiched/scanned? its general practice to keep these documents. For how long do you keep the hard copies for? many thanks
  11. H

    % of Repaired Parts within a System

    Hi All i am looking for a benchmark source as repaired parts can be re-entered our product (after rework); we are claiming in front of our customers that such can happen and thus there might be x% of repaired part (very low) i would like to know if you have some benchmark for me on this Many...
  12. M

    SMED - 2750 Ton Injection Molding Machine Benchmark

    We are in the midst of a SMED project on a 2750 ton Injection Molding Press and I am wondering what a good benchmark target would be. We started with a target of 20mins from and average of 56mins, a 64% reduction. We have reduced the C/O to 24mins by spending <$500. Ideally we'd like to get to a...
  13. B

    Starting a small boutique and looking for business ideas

    I will open a boutique soon. I would just like to hear some general discussion of what it involves, mainly establishing controls. Can anyone share sample forms on inventory, sales report, purchasing forms, etc? And any ideas, of course. What are the other important things to know and do? Does...
  14. W

    Benchmarking Teardown and Salvage Process

    Hello Everyone, I have been tasked by my boss to benchmark my companies teardown or salvage process. We are an automotive manufacturer that does mainly assembly type work so there is a certain amount of product that can be tore down and re introduced back into the system. So I am looking...
  15. A

    Dubai Quality Award

    Dubai Quality Award: a guide to benchmarking against world-class standards.
  16. Z

    Is There a Benchmark for PPM for Medical Devices?

    Is there a PPM benchmark for the Medical Device Industry
  17. P

    Benchmarking and Continuous Improvement Tool

    I have been using this for 10+ years and thought I would share in case anybody could use it. I use it mainly for benchmarking and continuous improvements but I have also seen it used for cost tracking. The basic breakdown is that the first tab is what would be used to communicate to Management...
  18. A

    CATERPILLAR BGPP (Benchmarking Guide for Painting Process) Questionnaire

    Hello all. I am wondering if anyone has a copy of or any information about Caterpillar's BGPP (Benchmarking Guide for Painting Process) questionnaire. I have started at a new company this week, and we already may have a paint issue brewing....:(. Thank you!
  19. J

    Looking for reference to Electronics Industry's Standard Scrap Rates

    I recently had an auditor question our current scrap rate and whether we have bench-marked our company's rate verse the industry standard. It was not written up as a Finding but merely a strong suggestion. And to be honest this is obviously very beneficial for our company to compare and...
  20. P

    Cross Site Benchmarking of levels of business excellence

    I am currently in the process of preparing an audit program to deterine the levels of business excellence within our organisation. The company is made up of five sites worldwide (Asia, USA, Europe and Sth. America) and I need to develop a program which gives clear guidlines to the audit team in...
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