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calibration (general topics)

  1. G

    Comparing Gauge Blocks - Translating the calibration between the master set and the QA set

    Hey, I am trying to determine the best course of action for my calibration plans. I am anticipating getting Grade 0 or 1 for my 'Master Block'. The quantity would be two or three blocks (maybe more). Then use some sort of 'gauge comparator' to calibrate to a QA set Grade 1 or 2 blocks which...
  2. A

    Cost effective thread gaging with ISO 9001

    I need some expert opinions with some trouble we are having with determining the best way to manage the ISO requirement for measuring with calibrated instruments and the cost effectiveness in our situation. We are manufacturing components with Acme threads for valves purchased from our vendor...
  3. O

    Selection of a calibrator (pressure generator, temperature) for my field devices

    Hi everyone, i have to select a calibrators (pressure generator, temperature) for my field devices such as pressure transmitters, RTDs, TCs.. I have been told that calibrator has to be 3 times more accurate than instrument itself. For example, when i check the data sheet of a pressure...
  4. G

    Calibration: Conforming to ISO9001 Requirements

    Hey, I am currently starting to create documents for my company's quality department (exciting!). From my understanding to meet ISO9001(2015), you need to be able to quantify that you are meeting the specs/requirements implemented by your company through its various processes. Basically, can...
  5. G

    ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 - Measuring tools not in calibration system

    We have several calipers which are not in the calibrations system, used for rough measurements. Is this likely to cause a problem during an ISO 9001 or iSO 17025 audit?
  6. F

    Crimper Calibration - How do you Control & Calibrate your crimpers?

    How do you control & Calibrate your crimpers? Do you control crimpers that are used for New Build Manufacturing differently than those at are used for repair?
  7. Q

    Calibrated Equipment Managment Software Suggestions

    Hello - looking for suggestions on calibration software to manage our inspection equipment. We currently use excel and are ready to move into something else.
  8. K

    Calibration of Dose Area Product (DAP) Meter in our Class IIb X-Ray Medical Device

    Hi everyone! We are using Dose Area product (DAP) Meter in our X-Ray Medical Device as a accessory which shows radiation dose. No doubt its a measuring function and fall within Essential safety requirement MDD 93/42/EEC. So as per MDD requirement we have to define its accuracy and perform...
  9. P

    How to Calibrate a HP 3458A Digital Multimeter with Fluke 5080A calibrator

    Please show me how can I calibrate HP 3458A Digital Multimeter with Fluke 5080A calibrator. Having set up picture is best. Thanks
  10. G

    Assigning a calibration tolerance - An x-y coordinate machine - Uncertainty as my verification tolerance

    We have a x-y coordinate machine that has had an uncertainty assigned to it, based on length of measurement k=2 0.0042mm + (0.0000135L) where L is in mm. example; at 0 mm the uncertainty is 4.2um, at 400 mm the uncertainty is 9.6um. We periodically calibrate/verify this machine by reading...
  11. N

    IATF 16949 External Laboratory - Calibration of Nikon machine in factory

    Hi all, Hopefully anyone can help me with this External Laboratory requirement. We are using Nikon machine in factory and engage Nikon members to calibrate the machine all this while. During last year audit, auditor have highlight to us that Nikon is not certified with ISO 17025 and they...
  12. R

    Feeler Gauge Calibration - What tolerance is used for calibrating feeler gauges?

    Can anyone tell me what tolerance is used for calibrating feeler gauges? Many thanks Richard
  13. B

    Choosing not to calibrate (IATF 16949)

    Hi all, I could do with an idea if this would be acceptable or not. I am looking at calibration with a sensible eye after i have inherited a bloated and unrealistic system. One massive pain is the fitting / trimming aids we use, there are hundreds of them, completely impossible to calibrate and...
  14. G

    From an ISO 17025 auditor perspective must micrometer calibration check anvil flatness?

    We are working toward 17025 accreditation. This is strictly for in house micrometers we calibrate for our own use (where we occasionally use a micrometer to measure a customer part and then provide a 17025 calibration report on the size of the part). All the micrometers have carbide anvils, and...
  15. G

    Informational Is Past due calibration a non-conformance if tagged "Do Not Use"?

    We have a piece of equipment that was due for calibration last month. Being very busy and not needing a piece of equipment in the near future, we have tagged it as "do not use". We calibrate most of our equipment internally, so it is not a matter of sending it out. Is this practice a...
  16. Ed Panek

    ISOTECH TTI-10 found out of calibration - Calibration house was wrong?

    We recently received out ISOTECH TTI-10 back from the cal house and it was "received OOC' we opened a CAPA. This device is a temperature measuring device. We ran some internal tests. We set it against an oven we have that was calibrated last month. It should be noted that my companies sole...
  17. S

    Gagemaker MT-3000 accuracy for calibration

    Hello everyone, Again fairly new to the calibration world, but the company I currently work for states they use the 4:1 rule during calibration. We have a Gagemaker MT-3000 that we use for majority of our in-house calibrations. The manufacturer states the accuracy of this machine to be...
  18. W

    Duplicated Gauges want to reduce calibration

    After our latest Calibration run I have looked at the number of gauges we currently have to look at the cost of calibration, during this exercise I have noticed that we have sometimes 4 of the same size gauge i.e. m4 screw plug gauge. What I was thinking of doing is actually only calibrating...
  19. D

    How to Calibrate any Digital Sphygmomanometer under use for 2 years in a Hospital

    How to Calibrate any Digital Sphygmomanometer under use for 2 years in a Hospital ? ( likewise we Calibrate any Mercurial Type Sphygmomanometer witha Master in the Factory )
  20. W

    Banana jack for Fluke meters...?

    OK, so we have a bunch of Fluke 724/726's that we use to source voltage to calibrate input cards on a controllers. We are looking for a dual banana jack (not two single bananas) that will fit the spacing on these DMM's. Ideally it would be a dual banana to BNC adapter. As an example the...
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