calibration verification

  1. D

    How to set equipment calibration/verification criteria

    Hi, need your expertise here. When can you say that the equipment is need to be scrap or it is totally defective. Just for example I have some non-contact diameter gauge with 0.001mm readability while product tolerance is +/-0.020mm. But during my verification with pin gauge 1 to 5mm the...
  2. M

    Vernier Calibrations & more

    Hi, We recently had an ISO 13485 2016 change audit. The NB auditor pointed out that we should increase the calibration frequency of verniers that we use daily from once in a year to once every quarter . There was no proper justification given . He just stated that for daily use instruments...
  3. I

    Tool maintenance and calibration procedure - Calibrating tools/equipment

    Have a question my boss and I seem to be at a stalemate on - he is more of an engineering background so I think it may be a little hard to get him to understand what we're attempting to accomplish on the Quality side. We have a large tape measure calibrated (out side of our company, of course...
  4. S

    Thread Ring Gauge verification

    Hi all, I need help. It this ok if i use thread plug gauge to verify thread ring gauge? Item need to verify: 1/4-36UNS-2A Method to verify: 1/4-36UNS-2B Frequency of verification: Everyday hope anyone can help me :D
  5. DietCokeofEvil

    What is the general consensus on Caliper tolerances?

    This is probably a lame question- but I'm a thread person that's been tasked with cleaning up caliper templates. What is the general consensus on caliper tolerances? There doesn't seem to be a "standard" for calipers- there is a NAVAIR spec, but that's a calibration procedure- not a standard...
  6. S

    Calibration and Verification requirement for foreign EASA Part 145

    Hi everyone Greetings I am from a company that repair aircraft engine located in Asia. As per EASA part 14 doc# UG.CAO.00132-001, it’s written the calibration needs to be done by an ISO17025 calibration lab. My question is, the doc# UG.CAO.00132-001 only required to be meet by all foreign...
  7. P

    IATF 16949 Cl. "Calibration/Verification Records" Interpretation

    I have a problem with the interpretation of the "risk assessment" in gages control. Calibration/verification records b) any out-of-specification readings as received for calibration/verification; c) an assessment of the risk of the intended use of the product caused by the...
  8. T

    How to Calibrate Taper Gages

    Any idea how to calibrate taper gages/ scales in-house? We got ours from SPI and need to get them in our system. We would like to use our optical comparator to calibrate them but an ISO/TS 16949 auditor told us we'd need to find a standard/procedure in order to do so. What exactly am I looking...
  9. J

    Pneumatic & Electrical Torque Tool - Calibration/Verification of 'Power Tools'

    Hi, First, happy that the Forum is back.....:applause::thanks::magic: We have discussion here concerning calibration / verification of 'Power tool' When we check a Pneumatic Torque Tool (such as Cleco or Atlas Copco), we take 10 readings When we check Electrical Torque Tool (Atlas...
  10. B

    Changing out Thermocouple - Is new calibration required?

    I have a temperature logging device that was calibrated with a discreet set of TCs. Several have been damaged and need replacing. If I purchase replacement "calibrated" TCs does the unit with the new TCs require re-calibration? If so, is there a standard reference that someone can point me to...
  11. Q

    Using Caliper A to verify Caliper B - Verification of Calibration

    Hi everybody while defining the calibration and verification under 7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment. I have the following equipment: 1 caliper 150 mm named A 1 steel rule "Moore & Wright ER424" with 0.5 mm resolution 1 caliper 150 mm named B 1 micrometer. In...
  12. Kchnwtch

    "Verification of Calibration" - CMM arm

    Hello! I have a CMM arm that at the moment has a yearly calibration schedule, which means I have to pack it up, send it back to the mfr, and pay hideous fees both for shipping and for the calibration sticker. I had a (certified) lab rep come to me today and say he can offer "calibration...
  13. I

    Verification or calibration Fluke 8508a with 5720a? TUR not 4:1?

    Hi to All! Can anyone say, how i can verificate or calibrate Fluke 8508a with 5720a? TUR not 4:1?
  14. F

    Checking Gages In and Out and Verifying Calibration Status

    Anybody using a system where multiple employees can check gages in /out? with over 2000 gages and 100 employees it gets tough to track down gages for calibration. Thank you' Fred
  15. L

    Calibration of ESD Wrist Strap Tester

    I have this equipment in our facilities (see photo). ? Is this type of device requires calibration? ? If not, what is the justification (for my auditors)? Thanks to all in advance ! LesPiles
  16. G

    Verifying Calibration of Thermocouples at different Temperatures

    I'm attempting to draft procedures that will verify the accuracy of thermocouples before being used to gather temperature data of chambers (coolers and incubators). I want to purchase a portable thermocouple calibrator . The verification will require the calibrator to send temperature...
  17. D

    How Working Standard Calibration result use in Verification of Equipment

    I would like to know how working standard calibration result use in my equipment verification. For example bimetal thermometer(working standard) calibration result is : Ref. Value = 100C , UUT Value = 94C , Correction = 6 , Expanded meas of uncertainty of measurement assocciated with the...
  18. M

    Calibration Certification Qualification vs. Verification by Uncertified Staff

    We recently underwent an ISO 13485 inspection. Some of our instruments are calibrated in-house by our production staff according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The auditor mentioned that this should not be called calibration because the production staff are not certified. This should rather...
  19. S

    Tie Wrap Tensioner Tool Calibration Requirement

    Has anyone encountered a calibration requirement + procedure for (adjustable) Tie Wrap Tensioner Tools? Ours is a Panduit model GTS, and has an adjustment knob for the tension at which it cuts off the tie wrap tail. In our case we need the tension to be 1000g +/-100g with a reasonable...
  20. J

    Verification of Gages Before Use

    I took over as QM a year ago in a mold shop that employs 23 toolmakers, CNC operators and machinists. When the company had a calibration finding for uncalibrated devices, the previous QM went through and slapped For Reference Only labels on every gage pin set, gage block set, angle block set...
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