calibration verification

  1. D

    Precision Balance Verification and Calibration Process

    Equipment's specification Max 820g with a readability of 0.01g Process : BareWire GramWeight, Min:2.947 Max:56.96 Test Weights Available: 50g(1pc),20g(2pcs),5g(1pc),10g(1pc),2g(2pcs),1g(1pc) 2mg(1),20mg(2),10mg(1),50mg(1),100mg(1),200mg(1),500mg(1) 500g(1) and 200g(2) <<<<< Expired External...
  2. D

    How much Deviation is Acceptable when Calibrating a Hygrometer?

    I Have a question. When perform a verification of thermohygrometer, How much is the deviation range aceptable??? Thanks a lot.
  3. K

    Calibration and Verification Records - TS 16949 Clause 7.6.2

    TS16949 says - records of calibration/verificatin must - then it lists what the records must have. But anytime you state - you "verify" gages at specified intervals in your procedures or tell the auditor you do, do you have to show records of this verification? Thank you kat.k.
  4. J

    Work Instruction to Calibrate or Verify a Combination Square

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a work instruction for verifing a combination square. We use combo squares to check 90 degree angles and are spending a ton of money to get them calibrated outside. I want to do a verification in-house of all the tools that are verified and not...
  5. Howard Lee

    Hygrometer Calibration - Best way to verify accuracy of a 'reference' Hygrometer?

    I picked up a small hygrometer just to use around the plant for spot checks. We have hygrometer chart recorders around but I wanted womething to carry around. How would be the best way to verify its accuracy...just for the sake of argument?
  6. S

    Verification vs. Validation vs. Calibration - What is the difference?

    Hi Guys We were in the process of reviewing our methods and one interesting debate opened up on the use of words "calibration" and "validation". Can anyone provide a clear explanation on the difference between these 2 terms. All the best Sean
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