1. DietCokeofEvil

    What is the general consensus on Caliper tolerances?

    This is probably a lame question- but I'm a thread person that's been tasked with cleaning up caliper templates. What is the general consensus on caliper tolerances? There doesn't seem to be a "standard" for calipers- there is a NAVAIR spec, but that's a calibration procedure- not a standard...
  2. G

    How to compute or estimate a micrometer or caliper flatness using optical flat

    Hi experts- how do we compute or estimate a micrometer or calipers flatness using optical flat? Is it by just counting the bands and give a value- we have a monochromatic light. a step by step guide would help a lot. just confused on how the values are calculated based on the bands distance...
  3. G

    How many Uncertainty Measurements for Micrometers and Calipers?

    Hi, I've done some uncertainty measurement for caliper and micrometer but do I need to do uncertainty for every points for example 0-1 inches- I need to do uncertainy for each points? 0 - .5 - .75 etc... or just the maximum? TIA.
  4. G

    Uncertainty Budget Examples for Caliper, Micrometer and Dial Gauge

    Hi, I've been looking for trainings and examples of uncertainty budget for dimensional equipments like caliper, mike and dial gauge. Can anyone point me to the right direction or give me an example link if possible... Thanks a lot!
  5. M

    Calibration Records Requirements for all the Calibrations and Verifications we do

    Hello everybody, I work in a manufacturing company and we use mostly tape measures to measure the product but also several calipers and scales. My question is: are we required to maintain calibration records for all the calibrations/verifications we are doing periodically to...
  6. G

    Caliper or Micrometer's Dimensional Flatness

    Hi, For a caliper or micrometer's flatness- we don't have any lapping machine but we do check the flatness and we just note down if it's still within permissible error but once it's already out of tolerance do we still need to check it's linearity and parallelism? Thanks
  7. G

    Manual Procedure with Uncertainty Budgeting for either a Caliper or Micrometer

    Hi, can someone point me towards a sample manual procedure with uncertainty budgeting for either a caliper or micrometer? Thanks
  8. Q

    Using Caliper A to verify Caliper B - Verification of Calibration

    Hi everybody while defining the calibration and verification under 7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment. I have the following equipment: 1 caliper 150 mm named A 1 steel rule "Moore & Wright ER424" with 0.5 mm resolution 1 caliper 150 mm named B 1 micrometer. In...
  9. P

    Frequency and Sample Size Requirements for an MSA Studies

    Hi guys! :confused: I got a doubt with this matter, I don't know if there is a frecuency and sample size for the MSA Studies. For example: If a got a Control Plan with 2 variables like this: Variable one - Caliper Variable two - CMM But I have two Calipers and 3 CMMs. So, Do I need...
  10. N

    Digital vs Dial Caliper Comparison

    A co-worker has just brought me a new 6" Dial Caliper, 0.001" resolution. We have been using 6" Digital Calipers, 0.0005" resolution. :argue: He said he wanted to use the new ones because he felt that they were easier for him to "read". I on the other hand feel like he's not on the right...
  11. L

    Caliper Calibration Standards - One for CNC and one for Sheet Metal?

    I work for a company that has a small CNC Dept and a large sheet metal Dept. I maintain the calibration for the entire shop. Lately I have failed several digital calipers for not being within .002 of an inch. This has caused problems with the sheetmetal side. I was told by their "Engineer" that...
  12. E

    Caliper Calibration on a Shoestring

    I just started a position at a new company and need to set up a gage calibration program - nothing exists right now, and there is no real budget for it this year. I have purchased a set of Gage blocks and am able to calibrated the caliper jaws to check outside dimensions from zero to 6 inches...
  13. C

    Uncertainty measurements for a 6 inch caliper

    As many of you are aware we are just beginning in our adventure to become an A2LA lab. In working towards the goal of establishing the uncertainty for our measurements we are starting with a 6 in caliper (mm measurements) and pin gauges. My question is do we measure 10 times over the length of...
  14. J

    FDA 483 Warning Letter for use of Calipers

    I'm writing some procedures for measurement(general). In particular I am looking into the use of calipers. I was looking through the FDA website and warning letters and I noticed the FDA issued a 483, for the use of calipers in the following manner. A part is listed as .25+-.005. Most...
  15. Q

    Number of Calibration Verification Points - Calipers, height gages, etc

    Topic verify calipers, height gages, etc In general how many individual verification points are required? Regards qu1nn
  16. E

    Company-wide MSA - Measurement Equipment Bias, Linearity & Stability

    Hi, Anyone can guide me !!! I'm going to do MSA study for all our company's caliper and Micrometers. Already I done GRR study , Please help me to advice weather bias, lenearity & Stablity are can we apply in those equips.. If can what is the spec we hv to follow for evaluate that equip...
  17. P

    Strange Gage R&R results for a Caliper (Tolerance Method)

    I have a request to review the GR&R analysis for the caliper (tolerance method). I've got it from someone such as you can see in the pdf file. I typed the received data to spreadsheets for GR&R calculations and got slightly different results (attached). And my questions (maybe someone knows the...
  18. S

    ISO 9001:2008 Sec 7.6 - Can we just log measurement devices as 'Pass/Fail'?

    ISO 9001:2008 Section 7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment. sub-Clause 'a' states 'be calibrated or verified, or both'... With regard to mics and calipers, the question I have is, Can we just log the devices as 'Pass/Fail'? with no record of a reading. Or is there the...
  19. J

    What do you use to Calibrate 40" Calipers

    Our company is going for ISO 13485 with an audit in March. One of the comments during Phase I was regarding the fact that some of our calibrations are not the complete range of the device, specifically our 40" calipers. My question is, how or what do you use to calibrate digital calipers...
  20. F

    What are the Advantages of a Digital Caliper Compared with a Dial Caliper?

    I want to buy a caliper for my dad who is a gunsmith, so he always need to measure some all kinds of small elements. My friend recommend me to buy a dial one because he think a dial one is more reliable. Which one should I choose, a digital caliper or a dial one.
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