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    How do you currently QC fastener coatings (zinc, wax etc.) at your company?

    I'm a design engineer and I have a joint that is critical and must be assembled with torque control (lord forbid) and utilize a wax application on the fasteners to prevent galling and reduce friction. Long story short, I tested the first production samples against the advice of the Quality...
  2. Q

    Salt spray test on anodic coating B117 vs NES M0140

    We typically send samples out annually for a 96hr salt spray test per NES M0140 for a particular customer. We recently received 2 new interior programs that will be in the same vehicle. Both parts are typical type ll anodize with one being black and the other clear. They are calling out B117...
  3. S

    Calibration of a Coating Thickness Gage

    We just got our coating thickness gage back from calibration. The unit only reads to one decimal place. The nominal is given to 3 decimal places but the actual is only 1 decimal place. On the low end this does not even measure into the tolerance range (nom:2.041 tol+/- 3% = 0.07). Is it even...
  4. Q

    Standardized Anodize Coating Tests

    We extrude, fabricate and anodize as a tier 2 to the automotive sector. Anodize test were pretty basic in that if you passed color / seal / appearance all was good. With new ventures comes additional testing requirements. What I am wondering is if anyone knows of one specific series of test that...
  5. J

    FDA approved Medical Devices for PVD and DLC Coatings

    Hello, Not sure if this is the relevant place to ask - I am trying to find a list of medical devices and instruments that have been FDA approved for PVD and DLC coatings. Does anyone know where I can find such list? Thanks! Jelena

    Measurement Variation in a Coating Thickness Meter

    Dear All, We are getting Molybdenum coated parts from one of our suppliers.They are doing 100% inspection with coating thickness measurement meter and confirming the products. The same parts are received at our end & our inspection team doing the sampling inspection with coating thickness...
  7. Gman2

    Coating Company, ALL customer supplied product?

    In the case where a company's core business is plating/coating parts for their customers would that not make EVERYTHING customer property? As opposed to customers supplying a company with parts to be used in creating something for them. Would the same controlls apply then?
  8. N

    Projection welding of nuts on zinc coated surface

    During our projection welding of nuts on zinc coated surface we often have a problem. Nut supposed to be welded in three points, but often happened that nut is correctly welded only on two points , sometimes just on one, and rarely poor welded at all. After welding, part with nut is going on...
  9. P

    Testing Zinc Coating on Expanded Metal

    Hi all, I hope Ive hit the right forum here. We build products which consist of a media encased in a sheet of zinc-coated expanded metal. Recently we had a customer NCR stating the metal had rusted and on inspection we found the coating was something like 4-6? rather than the required min...
  10. R

    Who Accounts For Paint Thickness - Not accounted for on Prints

    I am continually finding a problem dealing with paint thickness and print dimensions. No one seems to be accounting for it. I often get tolerances of ? .005" for sheet metal parts and the part calls for textured paint. The model we get from the customer is formed sheet metal as if there is no...
  11. T

    ISO 2409 / ASTM D3359 Paint Adhesion

    We procure a molded front panel bezel with interior surfaces painted a copper / silver shielding paint, for EMI suppression. We use the ASTM D3359 cross hatch test for paint adhesion testing. While the part passes the cross hatch test with flying colors ( no jagged delamination, no squares...
  12. Q

    Form for Managing Coating Process Parameter Changes during Production

    Dear all, Any advise on how to go about managing any process parameter change during the coating production process ( because of raw material issue, Environmental) with proper approval from Engineering / process Engineering team. Although the process was validated and the machine extreme...
  13. W

    Calibration of Coating Thickness Standard

    Hello all! I need to calibrate a coating thickness standard. Our current procedure calls for using a certified thickness standard and a coating thickness gage, transferring the standard to the gage, and then measuring the UUT. I am looking to try to change this procedure. I haven't been able...
  14. K

    Chromate Colour Issue - Yellow Chromate per AIPS02-05-001

    Hi all, I recently bumped into an issue below: A part meant for aerospace usage was yellow chromated as per AIPS02-05-001, The Airbus Process Specification for Chemical Conversion Coating. The base material is A2024 CLAD T351. Upon inspection of the processes part, we notice a symptom of...
  15. T

    How to perform an MSA on Cross Hatch Test

    Hi All, I am required to perform an MSA study on Cross Hatch Test. We have an in house powder coating plant and to check the powder coating adhesion we have to do a test called Cross Hatch, following is the method to perform the test, The cutter, which has of a number of blades at equal...
  16. V

    Understanding Automotive Coating for Seating Mechanism Components

    I’m looking for a good reference source to help me as I try to understand automotive coating. We do seat mechanisms, and use a lot of A-coats, E-coats and phos and oils (GMW 3179). Do you know of any sources that could be of help in terms of: ? Describing the process ? Explaining testing...
  17. V

    Where to find Red/White Rust Rating Requirements?

    We have an E-coat specification WSS-M64J39-A1. The customer put a performance spec on it: "must exceed 240 hours to salt spray. Red rust rating 6 or better. White rust rating 2 or better" Where does the red/white rust rating system come from? I referred to the WSS-M64J39-A1, and the...
  18. A

    CATERPILLAR BGPP (Benchmarking Guide for Painting Process) Questionnaire

    Hello all. I am wondering if anyone has a copy of or any information about Caterpillar's BGPP (Benchmarking Guide for Painting Process) questionnaire. I have started at a new company this week, and we already may have a paint issue brewing....:(. Thank you!
  19. M

    Looking for a Powder Coating Process Instruction

    I have recently been handed all suppliers that apply powder coating on our steel parts. These suppliers do not have a documented powder process so I am coming to the group with hopes that someone can submit a process work instruction that touches on the fundamentals of powder coating which may...
  20. K

    Process Audit Checklist For Powder Coating Required

    Hello Cove Members, Need help from anyone of you to share the process audit checklist for powder coating industries. Appreciate and Thanks You. Daniel Lai :confused:
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